Hospitalised twice in 2 days. Advice?

Hi all was hoping for advice or similar stories?

I was hospitalised twice in 2 days with what was thought to be TIA (mini stroke) however after seeing neuro at stroke clinic he’s suggesting RRMS?

My symptoms were as follows:

left arm weakness/ pain/ heaviness

left side of face paralysis and facial droop

very slurred speech (like I was drunk and slow)

left leg weakness

left eye blurred peripheral vision

pins and needles in legs earlier in the day.

Stroke neuro has orderd brain MRI Monday and is hurrying my other neuro apt forward.

Anyone else have any experience like this or symptoms like these and it’s been MS??

Any stories, experiences would be appreciated to know wether as neuro said it’s indicative of RRMS.

Been suffering neuro symptoms 8 years but have Fibro dx. Stroke neuro advised this is often wrong and later presents with enuf evidence to dx MS.



I had every one of those symptoms except the eyesight issues.

Yes I have been diagnosed with severe RRMS but I am no medical expert and I hope your symptoms turn out to be something that can be sorted quickly for you.

Whatever your diagnosis turns out to be please stay in the forum as there are people here who know what you are going through and can empathize with you.

I wish you all the best xx

i had what you described, they also thought that i had,had a stroke too, turned out it was rrms, i did recover quite well from it though, took me around 4 months to recover,but then i didnt have another relapse for 9 years.

Ty for replies. I find it very intresting that stroke symptoms are that similar to RRMS.

RRMS had been thrown around as a poss dx before but thinking I’d had a stroke in my 30’s was terrifying!! Although RRMS would also be a rotten dx. I will wait for brain MRI Monday and update with results. I am however an eternal optimist in that whatever comes my way I’ll get on with it and live life when I’m well and rest when I’m poorly. Which is pretty much what I’ve been doing with Fibro dx for last 8 years.

Again Ty for replies and id love to hear of anyone else being admitted with stroke symptoms who ended up with MS dx.