Small Brain Bleed TIA or MS symptoms ? Anyone else?

I work with a central pain in my forehead. By luchtime it was worse, took painkillers, and was feeling wors. Started to feel weak, became confused, but intermitently, speech was muddly, stuttering etc. Then i started to tremor all over. My husband called the paramedics. All my obs were ok, BP, sugar oxygen etc. I was taken to casualty, where the neuro tests were basic, looking in eyes, hand grip, and asking me the month etc. The worst had past by now, 5 hours later! Bloods showed nothing sinister so i went home. MS symptoms have been upset since, day 5 now, and i feel beaten up. I just feel it was so aggressively transient, not sure it is MS! Any thoughts would be appreciated, I feel quite scared this may have been a TIA, but would only know if i was scanned, and is possibly to late now.

I called the neuro team and am waiting to hear back

I meant to say I woke, not work

I’ve been dx with rrms since last April, and had a shedload of weird symptoms and tests before that! About 8 months after the weirdess started I was in my kichen cleaning, when I thought someone had hit me over the back of my head with a baseball bat!(I was home alone at the time!).

I turned around to see who was there and my two dogs were looking at me inquisitively! To cut a long story short, my family came home called an ambulance and I was rushed to a neuroscience department at the hopital. After scans it was positive that I’d had a TIA.

The pain was horrendous like nothing I have ever felt or want to feel again! I’ve got a really high pain threshhold but couldn’t cope with this!

I really hope what you had wasn’t the same as I wouldn’t want anyne to feel the same intensity of acute pain!

Wishing you all the best

Freckles xxx