Ms attack and stroke similarities

Hi all, new user here.

I wanted to ask if others have ever felt like they may be about to have a stroke but for it only to turn out to be what people call “a funny turn”. It’s quite frustrating when these things happen and you don’t have any knowledge or explanations. The doctor wasn’t that great either by saying “it’s just one of those things”

any thoughts or experiences on this??

Thanks K

Hi Kathryn

Welcome to the forum, lots of lovely friendly people, always willing to listen and offer advice where they can.

I do think there are similar symptoms with ms and stroke, but would imagine an MRI would show the difference, as would blood tests, but perhaps someone with medical background would have more knowledge, and offer advice.

Hope that see you on the forum again.

Pam x

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Hi Kathryn, welcome to the forum

Shortly before I received my diagnosis I experienced numbness down one side,suffered headache and vomitting so took myself to A&E, I was seen by a stroke nurse who carried out her tests, the doctor on duty asked me if I thought it could be something else? I answered no! He discharged me saying the neurologist your seeing next week should get to the bottom of it. Now I know what he was getting at!!!

Pauline xx

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Hello Kathryn,

One hot day in 2009, I was sitting at work with the sun streaming down on me when I realised I couldn’t move. As both my father, younger brother and three close relatives had suffered strokes I feared the worst. On top of MS you can forgive me for shouting a lot when being rushed into hospital and dumped in the acute stroke ward. Anyway after a sleepless night I was back to me disabled best and went home. The symptoms were very similar.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hello Kathryn and welcome to the board!

I too have thought I’ve had a stroke. Before diagnosis I had such a bad dizzy spell I went straight to GP with my nightie under my coat saying that I’d had a stroke!

I get dizzy a lot and it’s MS.

Also I get meltdowns… where I can’t move, can’t talk. all I can do is concentrate on my breathing which feels like it might stop. Very frightening at first but I’m more used to them now. It also helps if I eat regularly.

You’ve certainly found the right place for support, advice and friendship.

If you GP is very unsympathetic maybe you should think about changing?

Take care,

Pat xx


Hi Kathryn and welcome. I don’t know anything because I am a Bear of little brain.


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welcome to the forum Kathryn

I was taken into hospital in 1992 with stroke like symptoms, and it led to my MS diagnosis, i get very similar to what Pat describes.

J x

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Hi Kathryn,

Welcome to the forum,

Before my dx I too was thought to have had a stroke shortly followed by another couple of smaller ones. It wasn’t until I’d had my first MRI that my doctor discovered I hadn’t!

Like Pat, I too have meltdowns. Never pleasant and extremely scary at first but you do get used to them. My Ms Nurse, my neurologist and my GP say they have never heard of this but clearly, from your replies there are a few of us who have or have had this type of problem.

Hope to see you on here again soon,

Best wishes,


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Hi all! Thank - you so much for your replies to my post & the welcome to the forum, made me feel human again & not completely stupid,but most of made me relax about my episode & ’ my stroke’(that was 'nt) also some made me smile!! Lovely best wishes K x

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