Need help..

I have all the symptoms of MS and I’m getting drastically worse. I have had drs and nurses all say MS. I had what everyone thought was a stroke Thursday and since then I shake and cant speak I am throwing up because I get dizzy I’m out of breath from just trying to talk and walking for a little. Dr. Finally did MRI but only of my brain. It came back normal I was told by another dr to make sure the do one of my whole spine. I’m so scared I’m going to die or be like this for forever. 4 weeks ago started double and blurry vision then I was peeing myself. Then I was misspelling common words in my emails and my kids noticed I was saying weird words. Then Thursday my left leg went ice cold and numb purple and red looking patches up it. Then th as t night that seizure or whatever happened and I’ve been getting worse ever since I need help please what do I do. Oh this whole time 4 weeks I’ve had extremely fatigue and muscle weakness. Ty so much for listening to me. Is there anything I can tell the doctor? I keep getting worse. I can’t drive now I can’t bath myself or brush my hair.


You can have all the doctors and nurses suggesting that you might have MS, but without the clinical tests backing that up, all you have is guess work.

I assume you were tested for stroke and that was negative. Equally, the brain MRI was negative. And you are now waiting for a full spine MRI.

Have you had a full neurological examination done by a neurologist? If so, what did s/he think? They can tell quite a lot from a physical exam.

In general, there’s nothing any of us on this forum can say to either ease your worries or confirm anything. It’s very much a matter of waiting to have the tests all completed and see what the neurologist thinks after that.

It does sound like you are really suffering with all the symptoms you’ve had over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, you can’t completely identify a disease from a list of symptoms. And there are many symptoms shared by MS and other diagnoses. So it may not be MS at all.

I’m sorry I can’t be of any more help. Really and truly, it’s a matter of getting the neurologist to do the tests and make a diagnosis.

Let us know what happens.


Thank you so much for your response. Yes I am pending full spine check. The neurologist told me maybe I should see a psychiatrist. I started crying I told him that I was a normal 31 year old girl 2 days ago and then bam I had what seemed like a stroke and now I can’t talk well my left side is barely useable. I feel like I am losing my mind because no one is helping me and I’m scared I’m going to be stuck like this.

Hi your mind can play tricks, when you read up on web sites telling all the symptoms of MS sometimes you notice that your hand shakes, your eye hurts, until you get told by a neurologist that you have MS it’s just a mismatch of symptoms that you have. I’m not saying that you haven’t symptoms but with one person the arm is numb another they have double vision and their foot trips them up. The problem is that you need to see a doctor and in turn it’s away that you can ask for a second opinion, Ssssues right the doctor and nurses can’t say that you have MS. You haven’t said whether you have seen a neurologist yet or that your GP has forwarded you to any other doctor for tests. Even if it is they can’t tell you as they are not neurologists. You have to try and not upset your self to much something is easy say than do. Reading things on web sites and YouTube on MS will just upset you even more. There are lots of illnesses that have the same symptoms as MS. Some of the tests are lumber puncture, blood tests, a MRI head and spine with contrast, there are tests that the neurologist does when you see him. That’s about all I can tell you, I hope things go well. Kay

It’s possible that the neurologist couldn’t identify any neurological problems when he did a physical examination. When you add that to the clear brain MRI and the symptoms you’ve been suffering (many of which would show up on an MRI of the brain), it’s possible that he thought there is something askew with your brain that is not physical. As Kay said, your brain can play tricks on you and could make your body behave in peculiar ways. This could be why the neurologist thought you might benefit from some psychiatric or psychological help.

When you’ve had the spine MRI, you may find that a neurological cause is completely taken off the table. Which then makes the doctors think about other causes for your symptoms. (Possibly the neurologist who suggested a psychiatrist already thinks there is a cause apart from a neurological one.)

What does your GP think about what’s been happening to you? I assume you’ve seen him/her to discuss your ongoing symptoms and the tests you’ve had at the hospital?