Is this normal??

I been experiencing sort of dizziness/faint feeling at the back of my head and when i close/move my eyes the past few days… i feel unsafe driving because everything around me feels like its going really fast! like everything is coming at me and i cant react fast enough… i think its me and its not actually happening i just dont know… anyone got any advise? would be really grateful

Poppy xx

It could be vertigo, could be an eye movement problem, also if you’re getting symptoms when you close your eyes (this is like the Rombergs test the neuro’s do) then it could also show signs of cerebellar problems which is the little cloud like structure at the back of your head under the brainstem.

I know you were going for a second opinion Poppy remind me any appointment dates through as it sounds like you need to see someone. If not maybe try and see if your GP will have a look at you. You’re definitely not worrying about nothing.




It does sound like vertigo as Reemz said. I have it from when I get up until I land on bed 3rd time. The doc gave me some tabs1 three times a day and they don’t work. Call them dizzy tabs cos they make no difference. I have to go back n get different. Horrible in it. If you are unsure see yr doc. Sorry not much help. Take care Mike

Thanks for replying Reemz, how are you doing?

Dr cant send me for a second opinion till the letter comes from the first neuro its been 4 weeks now!!! getting so annoyed. I did the test and swayed nearly fell to my left side alot… I may go see the doctor ive just lost all faith i dont ee the point anymore… aparently its all in my head so what am i ever going to gain from now on!!


Thanks Mike, ive heard about them, my mum had them but they did nothing so she just lives with it now because its not the normal dizziness! hope you get some decent help! xx

Hi I have had the same sort of thing for 11 weeks now even people walking towards me look like they are coming at 90 miles an hour I haven’t driven all that time I have had MRI and lumber puncture and they say there is imflamation on some parts of my brain it’s also affecting my walking I’m using church’s at the mo as I’m soo unsteady but have been given no insite as to what to do to fix it if u wanna chat pm me or e mail alangcole@hotmail.

Hey Poppy

4 weeks doesn’t sound right. I know when I see patients the turn-around is something like a few weeks - I’m sure you know this isn’t right as well. Definitely see the GP - even if he doesn’t give you anything maybe he can chase up the letter. Maybe its even worthwhile you speaking to the neuro secretary to chase-up the letter. I wish doctors would stop all this in your head stuff; DebC, Nikki they’ve all had the same said and its just knocks you down and makes you lose confidence. I think there needs to be a study done looking at how many patients thought to have psychological symptoms do actually turn out to be just psychological and how many end up with MS or some other disorder. Its the only way these damn doctors would change their way of thinking.

Vertigo is horrible and terribley debilitating. My mum suffers from it and she was so bad at one point she felt like the whole bed was moving and the only way she could get off it and down the stairs was to crawl. She didn’t dare leave the house for a good few months she felt so bad.

I’m so -so at the moment. Had a chest infec/cough over the last 4 weeks - almost gone but its made my other symptoms go beserk. They’re not terrible but I don’t know whether I’m coming or going with them. Fatigue, burning pain, heavy limbs, ? new symptoms on the R, pain across my abdomen on the L just to name a few. It seems to have flared up old things that had gone as well as what I think are new symptoms. The worst is you think things are getting better or you’re starting to cope with your current state of symptoms then something goes and upsets the whole damn thing. I’m just holding out till middle of august as have my second opinion then. Off to Cyprus from Sunday for nearly 2 weeks so at least I’ve got distraction and can try and relax.

Really hope your symtpoms settle down. Maybe try not to overdo it (its that dreaded phrase we all keep using).