Dizzy feeling

I wonder if someone could advise on here. For nearly a year now I have been feeling a dizzy sensation. I do not feel unbalanced and I have not fallen. I sometimes feel that my head is really heavy. I described it as a swirly feeling to my consultant. I thought it was a ms symptom but the Neuro when I saw him four months ago doesn’t believe it is. He suggested it could be migraine related (I suffer with them) or stress. I’ve recently seen my GP, he examined me and said it wasn’t vertico - which I think some people get with migraines. So, I’m at a loss. It doesn’t stop me doing anything but I just wish it would go away. Does anyone else get this sensation or feeling?

sorry i don’t know anything about vertigo but your post was languishing here so here comes a bump back to top.


I feel dizzy & unbalanced a lot of the time, so I use walls and furniture as stabilisers.Occasionally I get nasty vertigo so tend to stay in bed and do eye exercises until I feel safe again. I tend to need a visual clue to stay upright so washing my hair in the shower requires a plan.

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One of my almost constant symptoms is dizziness. It’s very unsettling. I do feel unbalanced at times, but so far (touch wood)i havn’t fallen. I was first advised to try Stugeron (travel sickness tablet) which helped slightly. I have since been prescribed betahistine by my GP which did help (it’s also along the lines of travel sickness tabs) but the dizziness has returned with a vengeance now. I’m back at my GP tomorrow and i’m asking if she can refer me to ENT to have the Epley Manoevre. This is a non invasive, very simple, very painless thing which - if the dizziness stems from your inner ear - will ‘reset’ the inner ear mechanism and fix it. So - perhaps you can try Stugeron to start with - see if that makes any difference…it’s available over the counter from the chemist. Fingers crossed for you. Juls

Ditto Mick, wall & furniture walking is the norm for me too indoors, Powerchair outdoors, don’t lower or lift my head at all. Hairdressers essential, If anyone taller or shorter than I gives me a kiss, just to say hi or goodbye you understand, (unless it’s Mel Gibson, George Clooney or Richard Gere) and I go very dizzy. I’ve- dealt with this by the person getting to my head level now.

Btw, my gp ruled out vertigo, menieres, ear infections. The dizziness is an MS symptom.due to the base of the brain, cerebellum, being off kilter.

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Thank you all. I think I will try the travel sickness tablets, worth a shot. Also, I know I’ve got lesions in my cerebellum. Will have to raise it again at the next meeting. Thanks again.