Does anyone have any ideas on treating constant dizziness.


Have a look at There may be some useful information in there.



I often get periods of dizziness and vertigo. Last year I was sent for Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy - it’s part of the ENT department. The exercises they gave me are quite simple to do and, happily, no great effort is required. I was cynical, but kept at it and my balance has much improved.


Hi all

This time around, the Vision, Vertigo and dizzines - has been a big thing for me

Although after steroids, Vertigo is now around 70% better - dizziness is causing slight concern

as Im doing a half marathon in Edinburgh on Sunday and would prefer to stay upright !

wish me luck

Best of luck Ray

Hoping you remain vertical.


Cheers Ben

Dizzy, nausea & sickly headaches, almost every day.

Feels like travel sickness or like I’ve had a few spins on a fairground Waltzer.

At the moment I’m taking Betahistine, which if I’m honest doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

I was on Prochlorperazine which I found was good but apparently this medication is for short term use only so my GP took me off it !!

I find that when I get these sickly nausea feelings it also seems to make my mobility worse at the same time.

Although my Double vision remains - The dizziness all but went - and it’s now at a stage where I can put up with it

Managed the Half Marathon in Pouring rain - high winds and Sunshine - did not fall over !!!

2 hours 26 mins ! and raised £975-00 for Mcmillan Cancer nurses

Hoo - bloody - ray to me I think - and this has given me such a boost


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I have been on it for years