is this MS or bursitis? help please

Dear all,

Hope you are all as well as you can be.

I think I may have bursitis in my left hip but I’m not sure. I have a horrible burning pain about the size of my hand around the hip and also a nagging pain inside. The skin is SO sensitive in that area too, I’m struggling to wear anything that doesn’t aggravate it.

Has anyone got any suggestions? Do you think this is MS pain?

I’d be grateful for any help.


Hello Buddy! Good to see you on the forum, but not good that you are in such awful pain.

I know you are still mobile Tru, so do you have to swing your leg out and raise your hip when you walk? I used to do that to avoid being tripped up by my dropped left foot. It caused a lot of pain, for a long time…really until I went into a wheelie. Will you be able to see a doctor there or go back to Guernsey?

I do hope you feel better soon. I know you`ve had it rough for a while now.

luv Pollx