Is this a relapse???

Hi all,

Its been a while since i have been on here but hope you are all well.

I was first diagnosed back in June 2012 with the onset of MS and according to my MS nurse i had quite a bad attack. After about 3 months recovering i count myself lucky that from being diagnosed to now ive made good progress with no issues.

My symptoms tend to heighten during a low pressure weather front, earlier this year we had what is known as a weather bomb which is a rapid drop in pressure which really affected me and it took about 8-10 weeks for me to get back to what i call normal.

4 weeks ago according to the weather man there was another weather bomb over the Atlantic (i live south east england). Shortly after i got similar symptoms and they are still with me now. My symptoms are feeling dizzy and wooey all the time which gets worse during these times and im starting to wonder if its a relapse and not the weather as i still feel unwell now.

Was just wondering if anyone else suffers like this and if so is there any medication that i could possibly take.

Many thanks


hi sharon

interesting idea that your ms is linked to the weather.

if the weather here affected me i’d have developed webbed feet!

seriously let your ms nurse know because if you are feeling like you were at the beginning (which your nurse described as a bad attack) it could well be a relapse.

carole x

Not sure if MS is linked to weather conditions, but I’m definitely far far stiffer in the cold, to the point that my legs hardly move. My mother who had arthritis always said she could feel when it was going to rain hours before it did.

Thanks ever so much for getting back to me. I will most probably contact my MS nurse in the New Year if my symptoms are still there. Xx