Is there any reason for this?

Hi all. Not diagnosed, awaiting mri, but just curious, does anyone know of any physiological explanation why I would get pins and needles only on my right (hand and foot, really frequent and just kinda stays, like that feeling where the blood is coming back but hasn’t fully woken up again yet, sort of warm and fuzzy and a bit dead feeling, and numb fingertips) but that all other symptoms are on the left (numb thigh patches, I’ve been told I might have misfiring nerves, weird little electric shock pinprick feelings that make my leg jerk in response, creeping sensations on the side of my foot, always in the same place, a muscle that twitches involuntarily quite often, that kinda thing)… The left leg responded more significantly to the knee jerk reflex test too but I don’t know if that’s a ‘thing’ or if a degree of difference is just normal or due to how accurately she got the spot with the hammer. But it surprises me as I would have expected all symptoms to either be on one side or every symptom on both sides, is there any logical reason anyone knows of why both sides would be symptomatic but in different ways? Obviously realise you guys aren’t doctors but wondered if anyone had come across this in their own journey and can explain it? Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes, many of us have experience of symptoms on random side of the body. But no, I can’t explain it.

Obviously this doesn’t mean you are more or less likely to have MS. That diagnosis or lack of, can only be made after the tests. I know you are already aware of this, I just wanted to underscore it!