Is there a place to give Carers a break?

I’ve read somewhere of Breaks for Carers.

My hubby does a helluva lot for me and takes our strong Cocker Spaniel on 3 or 4 walks each day. All cooking, shopping, the list goes on.

Mr C is almost 70, has diabetes 2 (he controls with healthy diet) and an enlarged heart. He’s also becoming breathless with little effort.

Our daughter, a Specialist Nurse, said his blood pressure is managed by B.P meds. but he has a high & fast heart rate. She’s so concerned, she’s booked him a GP appt. & will go with her Dad on Tuesday.

Obviously, we’re concerned and I also feel SO guilty for piling him with responsibility and relying on him so much.

Has anyone used a respite centre or similar? Are they for a Carer to have a well earned break, have their meals cooked etc. Or, are they for us with M.S to give the carer a break from looking after us?

Either way, where do I start to find a Respite centre to try and reduce the stresses & strains Mr C is currently under?

Any suggestions (nice ones) welcome.

Chrissie x

Can you get help in the home? Someone to do cleaning, ironing, gardening. Perhaps someone to cook a meal once a day, take the dog out at least once a day. Do you have a care plan from social services?

Ask your daughter to discuss this with your GP he might be able to point you in the right direction.

Best wishes to you and your husband.

Jan x

My friend with fairly advanced MS goes into a local hospice to give his wife respite.