Care for husband

I have been caring for my husband for the last 2 years-washing/dressing/preparing meals and have longed for a break away. Today I have a care company coming to assess us as I had thought I would go away on my own for a week but am now feeling so guilty and will I just go away and worry about him all the time ? Thoughts ? Will he be ok ?

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As somebody on the opposite side, but able to cope with most things. I would suggest as far as possible you discuss it with your husband. If he is part of the decision making process it is likely to go much better. You are probably much further down the line but shared decisions are much easier to accept than feeling you no longer have any control.

I understand the feelings of guilt, however, in order for you to continue to provide excellent care and support, you also need to look after yourself.

Wishing you both all the best

Hi, you NEED this break. I am the cared for one in our house. I take 2 or 3 short breaks away a year, with a carer, to give hubby a break.

What does he say about you going? I bet he’s all for it, eh?