Is paying for 'Benefit and Work' worth it?

I have a message from this company. There is a discount for this weekend, a whole £3.50 off their annual fee! Anyway just wanted to know if it’s worth it.

I would say so,i am going to join when i get my dreraded forms to fill in,they seem to give some good advice.

I think so. It provides loads of insider info. I used it to do my own DLA (high mobility / low care, awarded within 2 weeks of sending the form off) and a friend’s ESA (support group). Neither of those forms would have been as they were submitted if I hadn’t had the b&w info.

Karen x



Yes. It’s worth every penny (and then some). You can download excellent step-by-step guides to all the benefit forms. I’m certainly not the only person on here who was refused DLA until I followed the Benefits and Work guide. They email you all the latest news on benefits. There is a forum where you can ask questions of other members. I’ve had some excellent advice on there. You can search the forum for posts concerning your query.

I’ve been a member for about 5 years and don’t think twice about paying my annual due’s.

Pat x

Hi, I have to say that I wonder this too. I claimed dla a long time ago without any help but they have probably toughened up criteria since then, they did send me a form about three years ago to fill in just to make sure I was getting the right amounts and this I did myself and they wrote back keeping me as I was. A lot of people on here say it is excellent and I may need to join in time when they move everyone to pip but for the moment I am saving my money! Cheryl:)

OK thanks!

I’ll join today x

When I applied for DLA I did it myself , I was given HRM MRC indefinitely first time. I guess in the current climate things have changed.Bear in my mind most of the advice offered is freely available if you look for it. It’s your call really