Advice please

Was awarded DLA 15years ago indefinitely, recently I’ve received a,pack with a DLA Review form, covering letter which looks like a fairly standard type letter saying they need additional information to see if iim on correct rate. My award was given after I went to tribunal, obviously I didn’t fill out my original,form correctly, I’m worried about this form so was,looking for advice.


i was just awarded DLA indefinitely and thought it was exactly what it says…but not so sure come next year with PIP taking over

let them seek additional info if they want to…they will probably find out you haven’t discovered the miricle cure yet so you will still recieve your benefits

take care


I recommend the benefitsandwork website. It costs about £20 to join for the first year and has loads of excellent info to help you do the forms correctly. If money is tight and/or you’d rather have a person help you, you could try your local MSS branch or the CAB.

Karen x

I also highly recommend the website goodadvicematters - it’s a free service which will help you every step of the way from help filling in forms to appeals and much more. There are FREE guides on there to help you with how to fill out the forms etc. If you need advice you can do this by email and they will help you fight appeals - really great free service.

Forgot to add, you can download copies of benefit claim forms and save them to your computer & fill them in that way. I find it helpful to do that. You can then email the completed form to good advice matters and they will check it for you and suggest anything that might be helpful to add before you send the form back to the benefit office & as I say, it’s a free service.

Hi, I’ve been on dla indefinitely for about 16 years, a couple of years ago I got a form just like you describe, tbh I dont think it’s anything to worry about, I thought it was just a standard type of thing they do, I just filled it in and they wrote back a few weeks later, kept me as I was and never heard any more about it. Cheryl:-)


Although an award can be made for an indefinate period, it can be reviewed at any time by the DCS (Disability & Carers servuice).

Some good advice given.

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Thank you for your advice, also Cheryl thank you for replying, you sounded like you were in similar situation. I got my indefinite award 15/16 years ago after a tribunal, so the formi filled in wasn’t very good as. Was initially turned down so then had to seek assistance, I have asked for assistance this time also.