Benefits & Work 20% discount on membership fee!

Hi all, many of us on here belong to Benefits and Work… a website that has step-by-step guides to applying to all benefits and appeals etc.

They have a 20% discount on annual membership until midnight on Thursday (tomorrow).

The usual membership is £19.45 but with discount is £15.56.

It’s well worth the money if you are claiming benefits… link to subscribe:

Pat x (ps I don’t work for them or anything… I’m just a member who has found their guides invaluable).


I found it cheaper joining as a group. One joined and paid then passed details on to the next one, etc, etc.

We have twelve for the price of one.

It’s well work the money to share amongst ourselves.

Why do people have to make money out of people with a disability ?

To be fair to B&W, they are lawyers who are benefit experts and I think they couldn’t really get the same quality of info if the site was free. And they are not a charity.

It’s really not a lot of money when you consider the amount of info that’s available. In fact I think it’s great value for money. I only got DLA by following their guide… and had previously been declined.

But great idea to join as a group!

Pat x

Hi Anon,

I’m sorry but I don’t think that is very fair.

Benefits and Work staff have a right to make a honest living by charging a very small annual fee to access their excellent guides and advice. It’s not “making money out of the disabled” Having a disability doesn’t give you a right to get everything free. They are not exploiting or conning anyone. By it’s very definition professional advice costs money.

If you prefer not to use the service there are lots of free guides available on the net but it is dishonest to pretend to be one member when you are actually 12.


Oh I thought it was a legit thing joining as a group… a ‘group membership’… but I see I was mistaken and it’s just a way of not paying the fee!

So I agree with Jane. It’s dishonest. It’s a great site the cost of membership for claimants is good!

They also train people to help claimants fill in forms. They provide a great service.

Pat x