ESA/PIP Experiences

Hi everybody. I’m trying to wade through the quagmire of paperwork involved in claiming benefits and wondered what experiences others had had whilst trying to claim ESA and/or PIP? Kaz xx

I’ve been on ESA for 5 years now, and DLA for 3. My experience has been that filling in the form really well, and attaching as much medical evidence as possible (reports from neuro, OT etc.), increases your chances of getting them without a struggle.

I haven’t applied for PIP, but if it’s anything like DLA, don’t accept a flat refusal and ask for a reconsideration/appeal as they do seem to use it as a way of ‘culling’ the numbers.

The benefitsandwork site has some great guides on how to fill in the forms and at around £20 a year for membership is money well spent in my opinion.

Best of luck Kaz,


I would advise you to join the benefits and work website (£20.00 p/a). Their guides to both PIP and ESA are excellent.

I recently used the ESA guide and sailed through the process with no medical.



I joined the Benefits and work website and with the help of my brilliant mum, also got through the ESA process with medical or questions.


Hi like the others my experience was not smooth. My union sent me guides to help fill the ESA and DLA forms in. I could e mail them to you if they’d help, just send me a message. I’ll agree with the above mention too about appealing against their decision if you get refused. You didn’t mention Disability Living Allowance, if you meet the criteria you should definitely apply, it’s a big help and if you have mobility problems you could get a car and blue parking badge if you qualify.

Hope this helps.

Min x

Thank you all so much for your replies, they’re very helpful! Min, as I understand it, PIP has replaced DLA. The the whole thing is so confusing I could be wrong :wink: I have a couple of guides which I got from the local MS centre, hopefully they will help. I’ve been ill for a long time but only diagnosed this week so don’t have any written evidence to send yet. I’m awaiting referral to an MS nurse and physio, so it will be some time before I have anything I can send. I have had to leave work, though, and my entitlement to SSP has expired so I really need to push on with these applications. Hopefully by the time they are being processed my GP will have heard from the neuro and will be able to support my claim. Kaz xx

Hi Kaz

I’ve applied for PIP, it replaced DLA this year and I think people on DLA stay on that til they’re reviewed at a future date.

I went to see my GP and told where I’d got to with various things and he was helpful, plus I’d sort of by-passed my GP on the MS Dx so I was a bit worried as when I last saw him… well, I ‘thought’ I was fine - doh!

He was fine tho, he had seen letters from the neuro I didn’t even have yet etc. so he understood what the situation was like.

Take care and good luck with the forms

Sonia x

Hi, i would suggest the citizens advice bureau for FREE assistance with completion of paperwork! I have also just responded to another thread on here regarding various benefits which may also be of use to you. GOOD LUCK!

Thank you all very much for the advice :slight_smile: xx