Is no news good news?

I’m really interested to know other people’s experiences of getting results. I had a spinal MRI (requested by my GP) and the results were back to my GP within two weeks (was all fine). I then had a brain MRI on the 18th of September which was referred by my Neurologist. The radiologist at the time said it will take two - four weeks so I know I’m being inpatient as it isn’t quite 4 weeks yet, but the wait is driving me insane. Every day after work I pull up outside my house eager to see if a letter will be there. I called the medical secretary after the scan to ask how the results are received and she said it will be in the post, a copy to myself and to my GP. I understand different hospitals have different waiting times.

I assume the wait is longer because the Neurologist needs to write their opinions on the results and advice but I’m interested in those who had results that did show lesions or another condition, did you have to wait long for the results? Am I perhaps waiting a long time because it’s less urgent? I seen someone on here had a call 2 days after their brain MRI because it had lesions, was that a similar experience for other people? Should I assume no quick news is good news?

I know I need to be patient, ignore my symptoms until I find out but that’s much easier said than done.

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Sometimes the scans have to be reviewed by an external person. And then get held up in a queue to be typed. And then held up again for ?? reason.This happened to me recently. I had a brain MRI on 3rd September, the letter giving me and my GP the result was dictated on 28th September and typed on 1st October. I received it on 6th October. They always say ‘dictated but sent unsigned to avoid delay’. Hmmm.

So in other words, read nothing into the wait for results. It could be due to any number of reasons. (Btw, mine was fairly routine, so nothing radical to report except that after more than 20 years with MS, and about 2 since my RR label was changed to SP, I have had a relapse and have new lesions! Oh well.)


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Thank you for your advice, nice to know I’m not the only one waiting a while but, also sorry to hear about the news of new lesions too!

I think maybe I’ll give it another week before pestering the medical secretary about it