Is it just me?

Hi everyone

Hope today is being kind to you all, here we have actually had a day without rain!

I know I have had a c**p few weeks, and only just observed this today, but I now don’t have an edit button. Has nobody got one, or is it just me?

Hope it wasn’t weeks ago this happened, as it will prove to me that my powers of observation is REALLY lacking!! Lol

Pam x


Stewart posted the following in everyday living earlier today

Prior to the notorious upgrade- there was no edit function. Then it came, unexpectedly (we never requested it), but seemed to be creating other technical issues.

There are two reasons we removed the Edit function.

  1. From a legal/moderator perspective, it was a concern that people may remove or edit offensive/incorrect or bullying posts once they’d been flagged.

  2. It was creating some other technical bugs which disappeared when we removed it.

Hope that makes sense

Stewart (admin)

i hadn’t noticed either

jan x

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Thanks Jan for that.

Pam x

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hadnt noticed its demise now I feel sorry for it


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It was good for correcting mistakes… but I guess we can live without it… after all mistakes aren’t the end of the world as we know it…

Pat xx

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I pride myself on my mistakes I am living proof mistakes can be a good thing