Is it...Benign positional vertigo (BPV)?.


Suddenly came on two weeks ago without any warning or gradualness, in the middle of the night when I got up…and then immediately down again… or can I just blame MS, as it gets the blame for virtually every ailment now.

Not getting any better, and can last for hours on end sometimes now.

Getting me down…literally sometimes. :wink:

Been to the doc’s, but no problems found with that thingy they stick down your ear.

Dct Google …always dangerous, states that it can sometimes be a sign of a stroke coming on!! :open_mouth:

i have positional hypotension which causes me to faint.

sometimes i feel my blood pressure plummet and then i sit on the floor before i fall.

which is a good plan other than the fact that i can’t get up from the floor!

my GP checked my blood pressure whilst sitting and again whilst standing.

he said that my recent bloods showed that i was low in sodium and should take salt.

so i interpret that as a bag of ready salted crisps!

do you think this may be the cause of your dizziness?

Vertigo can be an MS thing … agreed that not everything’s MS, but it could be?


I can’t tell you if it’s BPV, I’m afraid, but I can talk a bit about dizziness.

There must be dozens of conditions that affect balance. Some years ago now, after I’d been suffering for a while with what was initially thought to be labyrinthitis, my GP referred me to ENT where I was eventually told I have Meniere’s disease (as well as MS). Two conditions which can cause anything from being just slightly off balance to full blown vertigo when I crash to the floor with no warning.

I’m happy to say that both conditions go into remission, so it’s not as bad it might sound, although they do like to spring the odd surprise.

As you already know, Dr Google won’t be able give you an answer, but we all have a bit of a hunt around the 'net when we get a new symptom - how could we not!

I’d go back to my GP, if I were you, and don’t just put it down to MS without first speaking to your nurse or neuro.

Hope your symptoms calm down soon.


Ask your gp to do the ‘Epley manouvre’ its a specific neck exercise that puts the crystals in your inner ear back into place and that can cure that type of vertigo.I once had it for mine,it only cures that type of vertigo though.There can be many causes of vertigo,a big lesion on my brain stem causes mine these days.

Hello C.J.

My own experience of dizziness is this ( for what it’s worth) :-

I suffered episodes if dizziness from my teens, which were put down to inner ear problems. This led me over the years to be pushed from pillar to post between Ear, Nose and Throat specialists and Neurologists before I had my MS diagnosis confirmed. Vertigo was the main and most disabling symptom in those days until a Neurologist referred me for Neuro Physiotherapy involving head exercises which eradicated it in three months. That was roughly in 2003.

Fast forward to 2017, the vertigo came back with a vengeance, so I rang my MS team , who within two days arranged for me to see my current Neurologist. He did something unpleasant but necessary to me called the Epley Manoeuvre which cleared it in 24 hrs but also gave me a diagnosis of Benign Positional Vertigo. If that returns again (because at the age of 63) I know I’ll be prone to it, I wouldn’t hesitate in asking for it again .

I’m afraid that something we should never do is ‘put things down to MS’

Hi ,

I’m fairly new to this and although I haven’t had my formal diagnosis I have been told during my hospital stay that barring any surprises from the blood results I have almost certainly got MS with the possibility of it being PPMS. My father had MS too.

Like most people I guess I had been ignoring the signs that something wasn’t quite right. Extreme fatigue, drop foot during exercise , that sort of thing. Then 30th October, I get up for work and feel dizzy. I continue however and even drive 12 miles to work. Over the following few hours I become more and more unwell , the world is spinning and I vomit. I am brought home by colleagues. The following day with no improvement I am taken to see a GP who diagnoses Laberynthitis. He carries out the Epley manoeuvre. The same GP 3 weeks later thinks that there is some improvement and again carries out the Epley Manoeuvre. Both times this was most unpleasant and just made me vomit.

After 5 weeks I returned to my GP practice but saw a different doctor. He gave me a thorough check over and was extremely concerned about significant left sided weakness. I had been too ill to even notice this as by this time I was unable to keep even water down. I was sent straight to hospital and again during assessment was found to have neurological signs. An MRI showed numerous areas of demyelination . I have been told that the damage to the area in the 4th ventricle is responsible for the vertigo and sickness. 3 days of IV steroids have eased it but I am left with mild vertigo, poor balance , headache etc. I know that had it been known earlier what the cause was and the steroids started before then less damage may have been caused .

Now in limbo waiting for the specialist appointment.


Hi, I have just joined the forum. I was diagnosed with vertigo a week ago and your symptoms sound like mine. I just have to let it run it’s course and it’s not pleasant. Hope this helps, although you should go back to docs.