Hi Hope everyone is doing ok.

Just wanted to ask if any of you out there have also been diagnoised with BPPV?

I have always suffered with balance problems since being dx 14yrs ago and after tests, I was told that NOT ALL the symptoms were down to the MS.

Apart from the MS creating certain virtigo/balance problems, I have a second condition called BPPV (Benign Potitional Proximinal Virtigo or something like that) which is caused by Calcium chrystals within the inner ear. I have to do daily movements to try and reduce the problem.

I know this is nothing to do with the MS, but Wondered if this is a common problem with many of us???

Everyone take care - Equus

Hi, never heard of it,…until now. Some of us are greedy and want more than 1 dx, eh? My other one is damage to the balance area of the brain… I was told this is separate from the MS…as I said…greedy!

luv Pollx

Yeh, my neuro said that lots of people with dizziness that is put down to MS have BPPV.

I did the maneourves for some time but it made no difference. Look up the symptoms on google as I found my symptoms were nothing like those and I now know that mine is MS. But as such a high percentage have BPPV it is worth persevering to see if it helps.

Be Well