is adrenaline MS related?

Hi all. After visiting my GP last week I gave him a concise list of my symptoms and numbered them on how mych they affect me and how often in a week or on a flare. He said tgat I have an Intentional tremor and has prescribed Inderal/Propranolol. He spoke about adrenaline responses and hoped that these meds would reduce the severity of the tremors during this flare. It appears to have reduced the tremors to a manageable level anyway. So, I guess what Im asking is… Can adrenaline be linked to MS relapses? Or is the GP looking for sonething else, or maybe its part of the MS diagnostic route? Has anyone else been prescribed Inderal / Propranolol for intentional tremors? Sorry for the questions but im feeling pretty screwed up by it all at the moment and I dont know if im getting further away or cliser to a diagnosis…any diagnosis other than psychologic :frowning: Thanks muchly! Mandymoo x