Anxiety Increase MS Symptoms?


My hubby has always been quite an anxious person, however lately his anxiety seems to really be affecting his symptoms of poor balance and tremor. He has been suffering from a UTI for about a month (on 3rd lot of antibiotics) which have made his symptoms worse, but we are noticing that he might not be too bad in the house but when we are ready to head out his balance and tremor seems to get a lot worse. His whole body starts to shake.

2 bad episodes he had in the past couple of years happened when he was extremely stressed and anxious (Xmas night out last year, he worried all week about it and collapsed on the night)

Got an appointment with the GP today, to see if anti-anxiety medication might help the immediate problem. He has just started mindfulness which will hopefully help in the long term.

if anyone has had similar experiences it would be good to hear from you.


Yep - i take anti-depressants (Cipralex) to help keep me level - I believe that MS causes anxiety etc and its a vicious circle really - does seem to hit alot of people with MS…

Hi, yes, anxiety is a big symptom of MS. As you’re seeing the GP today he should be able to prescribe something to help, anti depressants at least give a chance to help the brain be less anxious, therefore helping symptoms because of less worry.

Hope your husband is given some help

Rosina x

Hi, Yes anxiety and stress both can exacerbate MS symptoms. Anxiety can also be a symptom of the MS itself. I meditate daily and it helps reduce my stress and anxiety. I would recommend it to many people as it has been so beneficial to me. I think you can ask your GP for Mindfulness classes.

Sorry just read the bit about started Mindfulness already, stick with it if can.

Thanks everyone, he got prescribed Mirtazapine so will give it a go. A bit worried with the 30mg dose per day, not sure if that’s quite high?

Hello. Dose starts at 15mg. There is a 45mg dose. Your husbands’ gp must think that’s a suitable dose for your husband. You can speak to your local pharmacist if your worried and it being the weekend. It will take two to four weeks for the effects to show signs of working. Read the leaflet that comes with the medicine. Take care x

Hi Gla1234, yes stress & anxiety send me real pear shaped, balance, sight, mood swing, sleep pattern & helped me become single!! but i have bin scared of taking drugs, dx 17 yrs so i quess its time

good luck, Julien

Thanks Blossom, I suppose we need to trust the GP! First dose tonight so will see how it goes.

Julien, sorry to hear how much stress and anxiety affect you too. To be fair, hubby has been dealing with it for years I reckon, but if popping a pill makes all the difference then I think it’s definitely worth a try. Will let you know how he gets on xx

Hi Blossom on 15m it is sedative so aids sleep. On 45m it actually stops you sleeping, which in my view increases anxiety.


Sorry everyone, at my wits end. Started the tablets last night, got a fantastic sleep which was great but he really doesn’t seem himself today. He is recovering from a UTI so his legs have been so fatigued and balance worse, but now even worse today. He is really struggling to walk in the house. He is now upset as he thinks his walking is getting worse and he won’t recover, I’m trying to say that his body needs to adjust to the tablets. Phoned the doc and he agreed, said he can either persevere with 30mg or take half a tab tonight but he will be more tired for a while (not sure he really understands the effects things have on MS symptoms)

Can anyone reassure me that this will pass?


I saw my MS Specialist nurse yesterday we discussed relapses. She said anxiety can trigger relapses and this is quite common. I have had a relapse triggered by stress and anxiety a few years ago. Stress can cause anxiety and anxiety can cause stress its bidirectional. I saw a doctor at the hospital a few weeks ago and he also said anxiety can trigger relapses.

I’ve mentioned it before on here but no one believes me. I’m just passing the info on that’s all. Meditation has really helped me reduce my stress and anxiety.

I believe you…I know stress and anxiety has brought on relapses for me as well.

Stick with the mirtazapine, his body needs time do adjust to it. It’s quite sedating at first but it does get better. I speak from experience as I was on it for a few months. Good luck x