Anxiety and MS

Hello everyone,

i am am new to this so I am not sure if I have posted in the correct place! I have been diagnosed with MS for a few years now. I have been lucky so far as in I only really get symptoms once per year. I am finding that it could be stress and anxiety that make my symptoms worse. I have recently had a baby and and up until this point I had been mostly symptom free for at least a year. I had an appointment with my MS nurse as she said sometimes after having baby you have a relapses. I attended the appointment thinking she would just ask how I was and I would go back to annual reviews but she suggested that I have another MRI and maybe think about treatment options. I have now left the appointment really anxious that this MRI will show worsening damage or even another medical condition. this has caused me worry and I am anxious everyday. I think up until this point I have maybe been in denial and now I am facing medication and scans my stress and anxiety are causing me to have new symptoms. I have started having muscle twitches to go along with my muscle pain. I know you should never google anything but twitches dont seem to be a MS issue so now worrying even more which is making symptoms worse. I have sensible moments through each day and I have been carrying a 5 month old heavy baby which are making my muscles sore and trying to relate that to twitching as well. Does anyone else think anxiety makes symptoms worse? And does anyone have twitching as part or their MS? I have been looking at forums and lots of people seem to have twitching and they say it is a common symptom. I have my MRI in a few weeks. I dont think I can handle the worrying all this time.

hi blue eyes

ms is a wondrous beastie!

if a symptom is just plain weird then it’s probably ms.

now you need to take a deep breath and calm down because, as you say yourself, stress makes it worse.

you must have had an mri before and you know it’s painless.

i twitch myself as well as throwing cups of coffee (oops).

now the medication is likely to be a Disease Modifying Drug (DMT).

these aim to reduce the number of relapses and subsequent disability.

i have it in my head that your baby is a boy for some reason.

heavy baby = buster = boy

the ms trust do a good leaflet on DMTs.

basically there are injections, infusions and tablets.

some are more effective then others but each of us is different.

have a read up and come back with any more questions.

don’t be afraid, they are there to help you manage the ms.

good luck and give buster a cuddle for me

carole x

Thanks Carole,

I have myself diagnosed with all sorts and google is a terrible thing when you are anxious. If twitching was noted as a MS symptom i think i would be lot calmer. My mind is doing overtime. I don’t twitch a lot but over weekend i had a twitch in eye and lip but soon passed after i washed my face. Today i have noticed a couple of twitches in thigh but baby keeping me busy (yes he is a healthy bouncing boy, you guessed well) and i have not noticed any more. I think as well when you are waiting for twitches to happen it makes them worse? I have been looking through forums and lots of people have mentioned twitches and say it is common so i do not know why it is not recognised with MS??? The more i think about things the more stressed i become. So glad i can chat on these forums as i don’t want to worry my family when i am bringing all this on myself. My mistake for using google and i work in a dr surgery and i think too much knowledge is a dangerous thing. Did you develop twitching as years passed or did you have this at the start of your symptoms? I have been probably in denial for three years as my symptoms only come every so often so i told myself i don’t have MS. Trying to stay calm until my scan but i think i will be just as bad waiting on results!!

Claire x

Hello Claire, oh dear a young mum with a new baby, should just be enjoying the experience and not bothered by stupid MS or twitches.

It`s so damned unfair!

Anyway, right, now that I`ve got my dander up on your behalf, let me try to help!!!

Twitching, especially of the eye, is common in MS…a neuro told me that.

Also when I am worried, nervous or similar, I get a twitchy eye and lip too!!!

And we all know Dr Google is a dangerous person and we shouldnt consult him, but we do…typical human behaviour!

Having a new MRI will bring your neuro up to date with how your MS is behaving. It really isnt something you should get so worried about.

Now go play with that little bundle of love and give him a tickle from me, Grandma Pollyxxx

Hello Polly,

i know now I feel so bad for stressing out so much. Thankfully my baby keeps me very busy so most of the day I am distracted. I think the worrying and being anxious is getting me down more than the actual symptoms of MS. I am feeling better knowing that other people are experiencing twitching as this is a new symptom for me and I am obviously not dealing with it as well as I should!

Claire x

I have an anxiety disorder and MS. I had weird twitches all over my body until they put me on a medication for the anxiety. Then they disappeared. Anxiety has been at the root of all my relapses. Between the meds and meditation and I have managed to control my anxiety. Congrats on the baby, I have a 4 week old girl so I’m pretty busy too xx

Hi, I get muscle twitches two, but not sure if they are caused by MS or anxiety and paranoia. I know that my anxiety and paranoia are symptoms of bipolar, which I have also recently been diagnosed with. In my experience, anxiety does tend to make other health issues worse. I can’t really give you any advice, other than to say try not worry, which I know is far easier said than done. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone, love Bex xxx

Thanks everyone, It seemed whenever I have something happen I automatically assume the worst. Painful stiff finger and I am panicking. Not noticed many twitches today but you have all calmed me down so maybe that’s the reason. Now I have a sore stiff finger which is driving me mad. I honestly worry that I will be like this for the rest of my life. Don’t want the slightest thing to happen and then I worry so munch about it in ring on my MS! Vicious circle. X