wowee.My name is Niall. I have m.s. many sclerosis:- my brain doctor showed me a picture of them from an mri scan in 2010. How they got there I now understand, I have eaten metal. Iron to be precise. That metal I have eaten has entered my blood and damaged the veins taking blood from my brain. This damage has allowed Iron into my cerebospinal fluid(brain and spine juice) along with immune cells which have attacked my nerve sheaths,damaging them. My body has repaired this damage leaving scarring:- this is what a sclerosis is,a lump of scar tissue. These sclerosis slow down my nerve signals like traffic is slowed on a motorway when getting past a road being repaired. So no balance,knackered vision and much fatigue as my poor brain tries to mend itself,(helped by sunshine of course,natures steroid,thats what vit.D is). 4 weeks ago I stopped eating Iron which is added to cereals in metal form(check out channel 4’s food revealed prog to see the metal thats put in cornflakes) also iron is added to white flour and this does not even have to declared. Having stopped eating any more Iron I already feel a lot better,back in control of my life and hoping that this is the step to take to stop getting any worse,preventing more damage being done and having another relapse(two is plenty as I am not a fan of perfect double vision,slurred speech or stumbling about like I’m drunk and being too tired to think) No more Iron,easy enough to avoid and it wont hurt me:- plenty of Iron in dark green veg. I’m now looking forward to the future with no added nutritional Iron supplements. I want to tell you about this,eat no more metallic iron,no iron supplements. feel better and do not get worse. Thakyou for reading this,lets all have a better future, Niall x

Interesting post Niall. Within reason I am prepared to give most things a go on a trial and error basis. The thing with MS is that what works for one person does nothing for the next, which is why you get so many negative responses on suggestions regarding diet, exercise, therapy etc. Still nothing ventured!. All the best, Peter.

Thats quite an interesting post you’ve got there… But the problem with MS is that it actually might work for someone, and might not work for someone else. Which is why people are so negative… Everyones different :confused:

I wish you the best, Josh

Yes, interesting indeed, Niall.

I don’t touch almost any processed cereal (stick to muesli), don’t touch white bread, have not needed an iron supplement for 13 years (after a heart bypass op). My blood tests always come out OK.
So let me ask, have you had your serum ferritin checked lately?


Good luck peter,if it helps let others know…thanks dr geoff 13 years is cool, as for blood iron the amount of added iron I’ve scoffed in the last nine months will have me aky high until I die! Josh, sure we are all different but what if eating metal is bad for everybody,no harm in everyone avoiding it. dont buy it:-they’ll stop selling it. Market forces. nx