Investigations begin

Hi everyone,

feelin in limbo at the moment and would like to share my story so far.

10 weeks ago I went to hospital with a terrible headache (affecting right side of my head), pain in my right eye and weakness all down my right side, I had ct and 2 MRI scans, all came back clear but was told they couldn’t rule out a stroke as I could have had a small bleed somewhere in my body. After 12 days in hospital I was discharged with no medication, they had also scanned my heart and found a hole in it which I now have to go see a specialist about having it closed over. Anyway, the weakness Improved slightly but never went away, and was still getting headaches. Then 3 weeks later I went back to hospital with terrible headache and increased weakness again, kept in for 2 days and sent home with prescription of amitryptaline to take nightly. The weakness continued and walking anything more than day half a mile results in terrible pain in my right leg, my right side generally feels heavy most of the time.

On Fridayast week I started to feel really off colour, then on Sunday I ended up being blue lighted to hospitals with a headache and loss of speech, had ct scan, came back clear, but again they couldn’t rule out a tiny clot somewhere in my body. I knew what I wanted I say but the words wouldn’t come out, just the odd word every so often. Loss of speech lasted 12 hours but even today I am still slower than usual. They did blood tests and found my blood was quite thick and took lots more blood, results I will get soon. I have been referred to neurologist who I will see in around 8 weeks they said as they are thinking there’s a possibility of ms as my weakness has remained since day 1.

I fewl in total limbo, desperate for any kind of diagnosis so i can get just get my head around it xxxx

Hi Carla Rae, I hope you get to see the heart specialist soon - I’m surprised they let you out of hospital! I’m here in Limboland with you, as are many others. I don’t know why we have to wait so long for these appointments, other than there not being enough neurologists! Have they given you any medication for your blood? Sounds like you have a lot going on at once. I hope that you get help quickly. Take care :heart: