Awaiting diagnosis

Hey I am new to this site and would just like abit of advice I was in hospital from October the 19th till the 31 having s test as my left arm went numb n tingles in my finger tip they first wanted to rule out a mini stroke do had a few ECG they they wanted an MRI and a lumbar puncture I had my MRI n was waiting for result n a nuroligst to come and see me but there isn’t a neurologist at the hospital I was in so had to wait for 1 from another hospital to visit me I then had a lnur puncture witch failed the first time then had it few days later finally a neurologist came n told me I had a few lesions on my spine and 1 small 1 on the brain n also that Sum of the test had come bk from the lumbar puncture n that I had a very high white blood count he then said he wouldake arrangement for me to have another MRI in three month n then Be refured to his clinic today I had a call from the hospital where the neurologist are and they said could I come in this Friday the the clinic so I said yes but now I worrying that they want to see me so soon I have not even been given am appointment for an MRI but am wanted in the clinic does any know why they may want to seems or anything similar happened to anyone els thanks Im advance any replays will be gratefully received Kelly x

Sorry for all miss types on my phone lol x

I don’t know Kelly but don’t panic, they’ve not booked you in for any procedure have they and you’ve had MRI & LP.

If it’s a clinic he might just want to give you a physical exam or discuss your history. They might have just had a cancellation or something?

Good luck tho

Sonia x

Hi thanks they gave me an diagnosis n I do have ms he said he just wants to do another MRI n a flicker eye test to help find out what type of ms I have got thank you for the reply xxx