Hello all, My name is Greg, this thread is posted as a way to introduce myself. I have posted twice in some other threads, but was asked to start a new thread to tell everyone about myself. Well, it’s a short story I am in my least year of my 40s decade and was diagnosed back in 2004. I was told by my Neurologist that I have now started my second level of this MS journey, progressive. I was RRMS until my last visit last week. I am an American living and working in Belgium. I am a US veteran and currently working for the US Army (Please do not hold that against me). Currently I, like most Americans am watching the news with utter disgust against my government concerning out budget. Enough about politics. I am married and have twin 16 year old boys. I look forward to chatting with any or all of you. I am very new at this forum thing on the internet, so please tell me if I am out of line at all with this thread. Thanks

Hi Greg Welcome to the forum you’ll find everyone here to be very helpful with advice and words of encouragement. Again welcome Sue

Welcome Greg Gray

Welcome Gregg, Theres plenty of friendly chat on here and Im sure you will be able to offer lots of advice with your experience of MS. Twin teenage boys ! I struggle with just 1 stroppy teenager!

Welcome Greg. This forum is a great place to get advice from MS experts and/or unload as needed. Xx

Hi Greg,welcome to the lifeboat.I was a British Army Officer during the '80s,one of the fit alcoholics with a gun .I served in West Germany for four years and left in '90.Erm,I’m senior to you I was 50 last week.Your introduction was very good and,do you still have Army priviliges,is it the PX? We used to love them. Does the Military support you?

OK here’s the problem…We cannot get the peanut butter M+Ms in this country.People donot know what theyv are missing.If I could still drive a truck I’d be over for 20 tonnes.We’re going to have to discuss this problem further.

I hope you and the family are enjoying Begium.Chocolate and beer, back in the day


Hi Greg

I replied to one of your posts in the PPMS section where you said you’d introduced yourself and couldn’t find it, nearly told you it hadn’t come through before thinking of checking elsewhere. The forum is a really helpful and supportive place where you’ll “meet” some of the nicest people who can understand and offer support and advice from personal experience rather than text books.

Take care and welcome, and I doubt anyone here would take offence about your career path.

Cath xx

Hi Greg and welcome to the support boat!!

I woldn’s be without this place now i have met some fantastic peopl on here.

It’s an amazing support network.

Kate x

( wow twin boys! i pplaud you. I struggle with my soon to be 13 daughter to the point i could send her packing to borstal!!!)

Hi Greg,

Welcome. Lots of new people recently so you’re not alone.

Jen x

Hello Greg,

Welcome to the board. I am sorry to read that your neurologist thinks that you have become more progressive. I asked my neuro if I had too, but despite all of the letters after his name he said that he did not know and that it is almost impossible for anyone to tell. MS is a confusing business.


Welcome Greg,

It can be a bit nuts on this forum at times - but we usually have fun as well as serious discussions.

Take care

JBK xx

Hi Greg, great intro! I spent lots of time overseas with the forces and Wobbly Boy I had forgotten about peanut butter M&M’s…how could I have? ridiculous of me as you have made me salivate at the mere memory of them…yum!

Hi Greg, welcome from me too.

I was a child of a soldier and have spent some years abroad…Germany, Gibraltar and

N. Ireland.

I often draw on experiences from those days and still speak poor spanish with my sisters!

luv Pollx

Thank you all for the warm welcome. Just need to update, I now have secondary progressive MS , not Primary Progressive . As if it really matters. Thanks again all, Look forward to learning from you all. Greg

Hi Greg

I am sure I have chatted with you before but can’t find it now.

Welcome to the mad house!! Only joking, we are only mad a few times a month!

Look forward to chatting with you.

Shazzie xx

Hi Greg and everybody else, I’m very new to this site too - just a few weeks in and already find it to be helpful and interesting. I also have moved to Secondary Progressive in the last two years and am just 4 years behind you in age.

Will keep an eye out for your posts - good idea to do an introduction - I never thought of that!


Welcome to you too Marie I’m also SP there a friendly lot here Sue x

Hi Greg Welcome, I am fairly new on hear to. What part of the us are you from? I love it and actually have a house out there to escape to when the cold here gets to me. I struggle really bad with the cold weather but as soon as I am out of it that good old Florida sun sorts me out. Helen

Helen, I’m from Ohio, but have not lived in the states for 20 years. Your the second person that says the cold weather bothers you, is that from an MS point of view? The reason I ask is that I am exactly opposite, the heat is really what bothers me, that’s why Belgium is suiting me pretty well at the moment. We too have a house in the states we go to every summer, it’s in Michigan. We have family in Florida, way too hot for me. Greg

Shazzie, Marie and Sue, Thanks for the welcome, look forward to chatting with all of you in the future. Greg