Jen x, Thanks for the post, the M&Ms aren’t for me, I was just amazed that those in the UK can’t get them. It was Woblyboy and Gillian44 who we’re seem to be infatuated with them lol. Greg

Jen, I’m from Ohio originally but have a house in Michigan that we visit every summer to get a little taste of the states. My kids have never lived in the states for more than a month, it I going to be such a culture shock when they go to college. As far as candy goes, Reece’s peanut butter cups are my nemesis. Greg

I actually love Reece’s but you can only get them in a few shops - probably better that way - they’re addictive. Yummy=)

I guess I can count my self lucky, I can get all I want at the U.S. commissary , and believe me, I can eat a bag without blinking

Welcome Greg

[quote=“Wilcoxg”] Helen, I’m from Ohio, but have not lived in the states for 20 years. Your the second person that says the cold weather bothers you, is that from an MS point of view? The reason I ask is that I am exactly opposite, the heat is really what bothers me, that’s why Belgium is suiting me pretty well at the moment. We too have a house in the states we go to every summer, it’s in Michigan. We have family in Florida, way too hot for me. Greg [/quote] Hi Greg Yes it’s the ms and the cold weather. I really could hibernate for six months its so bad, mainly leg pain but as soon as I land somewhere hot I am fine and can walk miles, it’s so weird. I went to morroco in may, literally had sciatic nerve pain before I went, with hours of being in the heat it went, only to return on the plane home. I walked miles when I was there but hobble around in the uk Cannot wait to go back to the us, we are going for Christmas, I love it. I got married out in Las Vegas and love that place too Take care Helen

I notiice that in cold weather my feet get so cold and my leg muscles seem even stiffer while the hot weather just drains me - I can’t win!!! I like cool spring/autumn weather best - if it works out that way=) Then again I live in Ireland so a day without rain is a bonus eventhough we has a good summer this year=)

Oh look - it’s just started raining - there’s a surprise=)

I can deal with the pain & fatigue, it’s the memory loss that ‘hurts’ the most.

Hi again Greg and hi Marie

Oh dear, the conversation has turned to my fave things :slight_smile:

My friend always buys me a HUGE bag of peanut butter M&Ms whenever possible. I love Reeces so much that I had to get m huband to carry my stash in his hand luggage as it made my case overweight!

As for the kisses, I only like the caramel ones (which is probably just as well since I can demolish a family bag!)

Sonia x :smiley: