Internal tremors or something else?

I feel as if I have these weird vibrations or a shaking feeling inside my body but it’s not visible to other people. In a way, it’s like it’s internal and i’m not sure if this is a MS symptom. There’s no pain but I feel as if the heat triggers my symptoms and I get this feeling sometimes but it goes at times. Does anyone else get this?

Hi there,
I experience the tingling frequently. It comes and goes. But when it becomes constant pins and needles, I know it’s a bad relapse and need a prednisolone top-up, just like last January.

You have just described perfectly what I have also been experiencing! It’s like I’m shaking/shivering severely, but inside? Tends to happen as I’m falling asleep at night. I’m wondering if it could be the heat too.x

I have exactly the same thing and find it so hard to get others to understand what I mean

Yes same - I’d never thought to actually explain it until I read this either. xx

I remember having tingling just on left side of face before due to inflammation, lesion, optic neuritis on right side of brain. It’s definitely a sign that something doesn’t feel normal.