Internal tremor?


Does anyone ever experience a strange feeling as if your muscles etc are shaking on the inside but it can’t be seen externally?

Yes, and I absolutely hate it. For a start it feels like I’ve overdosed on caffeine and then it gets worse and worse. It never lasts too long. maybe 10 - 15 minutes but thats long enough for me. If you find a cure for it please let me know first!


yes I do, in my arms mostly, again mine doesn’t last too long, I just find it annoying, but maybe mines not that bad, take care, Jean x

Thanks Sue and Jean

I was startig to think I was imagining it.

Mine is normally in my arms too and it does feel like a sort of caffeine buzz or that internal shaking feeling you get when you are on edge. Thankfully it doesn’t last too long but it can be annoying.