Does anyone else ever feel jittery inside but not visibly shaking? I feel like i need sugar or something but i don’t want to eat rubbish. It makes my legs feel like jelly and like on the brink of fainting but i never do.

Yes Zipster I do. It’s like an internal tremor, makes me feel really strange and my legs and arms go weak at the same time. No idea what causes it but it’s not very nice xx

Me too Zipster, like an internal shaking which makes you feel incredibly weak, not nice at all.

Not sure I have any answer for you, just wanted to let you know you are not alone.

Pam x

I get the feeling that my arms and legs are about to move, even if they don’t. It is very strange! I’ve also lost my heavy fatigue ( hurrah!) but now feel overly alert, as though I’ve had loads of coffee. Maybe I’m just feeling more awake!

I get that too. Feel generally jittery but no obvious shakes Ax

I sometimes wake and feel like I’m shaking but husband says I’m not and I’m convinced I must be shaking but it must be internal if that makes sense !

Yep, I get the shaky feeling too.Nothing to see on the outside though so I’m guessing that it’s internal.

Me too!

I had that really bad after a course of steroids and palpations with it hope it goes soon…Emma

I get this a lot too!!

Yep, I get this too, and I also get “twitches” in my arms and legs, almost like the feeling you get when you’re falling asleep and you “slip off a kerb” type of a feeling, jolting you awake. It’s all very weird and very uncomfortable, but boy is it good to know you’re not alone with the weirdness!!