Interesting Article on BBC News Site regarding Tumeric and Brain Cell Growth

I don’t usually post this sort of thing but I found this item on the BBC news site today. Apparently Tumeric helps in the regeneration of Brain Cells. They are talking about having human trials.

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Thanks Dave for this lead. Turmeric has been recommended to take as a supplement for quite some years. l know Simply Supplements having been selling it in tablet form. l really like the spice to cook with - l wonder how much you need to eat to make a difference? lts recommended for people with arthritis. ln fact, l was reading a magazine - Arthritis To-day - when l was in the waiting room at the hospital recently, and it was mentioned in there. l use it in curries - of course - rice - bahjees - courgette fritters etc.

Shall be sprinkling it on everything now - in hope it helps my brain!!!

Hi, If you look on facebook at the turmeric site it gives lots of information, I been taking it for years but now take the powder not the tablets its much cheaper.


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