Insurance whiplash injuries

I was interested to hear on the radio this morning about the many cases of fraudulent whiplash injury claims in vehicle collisions. Apparently they cost the average motor insurer £90.00 extra on their motor insurance, so it is being looked into.

I hope that we can all expect our motor insurance to cost £90.00 less next year as a result.

Somehow I doubt it. Who’s kidding who? And who is worse? The fraudsters, or the insurers?

I think fraudulent claims are adding pounds to all kinds of insurance, not just motor insurance.

Had a bloke at work once, who blatantly bragged that he fancied a new carpet, so threw a pot of paint on the old one, and claimed on the contents insurance, saying he had tripped whilst carrying it.

I had half a mind to shop him, because it’s not a victimless crime, the way people seem to think it is. We all end up paying more for our insurance. What an unpleasant person - not only to do it, but to brag about it as if it were clever. The same bloke used to clock in for Saturday overtime, then sit there mending his fishing rods. I hope he’s got his come-uppance by now. Looking back, I wish I had reported him, but nobody wants to be the snitch, so that’s how these people get away with it for years.