Bad luck follows good

After a brilliant Friday when I got good news about my DLA I came down to earth with a crash on Saturday.


We were hit by an uninsured driver who either jumped a red light or who took a gamble on amber. Our lovely car has been written off - just 2 weeks after we had it serviced and MOTd and a week after I paid for a year’s new road tax (disn’t know I had got DLA then).

The impact pushed us into a car parked at the side of the road and that probably wrote that car off too.

To add insult to injury, the (deleted word x 1000) who hit us had - relatively - little damage to his car.

Because he wasn’t insured it is likely that our insurers will take the easy was out and treat it as a fault claim against us (at least with regards to the car we were pushed into) which is s****y but, even if they didn’t our insurance will be going through the roof at renewal time next month.

And it’s all the fault of a little (deleted word x 1million) who thought it was OK to drive his dad’s car without permission

The only good thing is that neither my husband (who was driving) or myself were hurt. I’ve been trying to keep a brave a face on it for Dai’s sake (he’s in bits) but I could have been a widow today. But I’m not.

Thank for letting me rant guys.

(Oh and we are supposed to be moving from London to Cardiff in the next two weeks and we have no car. Don’t think that they let disability scooters on the M4

Oh what an awful thing to happen. But, as you`ll agree, thank heavens neither of you were hurt. Did the offender get nabbed by the police? I hope he did and gets his just desserts. Probably get a slap on the wrist and told to behave!

People say Oh but you are insured! and haven`t the foggiest as to how all this affects you…for a long time too!

When we left the hosp on Wed, after my painful lp, an idiot driver cut across us, forcing my hubby to do a full energency stop. That won`t have helped my poor back.

Dunno what else to say except, poor you!

luv Pollx

It’s ridiclous in uk. If you don’t pay your road tax, the law wants to lock you up.

But for something like this (or if you are a politician), you can get off, nobody cares. Crimes against the state matter, but not those against humanity.

I am so sorry to read your bad news. If you know who the little ‘squid’ is, then can’t you make a feature of it in your local paper. At least the squid’s folks might feel like paying towards the damage? May he develop pubic lice and lumbago!

Good luck, and try to ignore such low lifes.

Best wishes,


What an absolute pain in the rear - you have my sympathy, how incredibly annoying. As you say, it would’ve been far worse if you’d been injured. It is awful that drivers who are covered by insurance should also take the ‘hit’ for those who aren’t. I imagine one reason that people don’t insure is that the premiums are so, so, high - that isn’t an excuse, just another reason why those people really shouldn’t be on the road if they can’t fulfill their responsibilities.

Hope all goes well with the move and good luck with that mobility scooter on the M4 (!)

B x

So sorry to hear your news,but dont forget you can get a claim form from the post office to claim the tax back,it has to be complete months so you will lose some but at least its something.

Do have protected no claims? as when my car which was parked and empty thankfully was hit by another uninsured toerag (but workmen caught him) it was dealt with quite easily and my premiums didnt rise.

I suggest a courtesy car might be a little more appropriate on the M4!!

Take care


The expense of this is going to be astronomical and we are having to pay money every which way.

Found out today that, because our car is not repairable we do not qualify for a courtesy car. This means that we have had to hire a car to get us over the few days before we have to buy a new car.

The new - and useless - tax arrived today. We cannot cash it in until the car is formally written off by the insurance and when we do we will lose at least 2 months - we lose tax for the month during which it is written off and then another month. This means that the most we will get back is 10 months not the whole 12 months we paid.

We do have protected no claims but even if it is protected the cost of our premiums will rise. (It works like this, no claims discount is the percentage that your full premium is reduced by so if your full premium goes up - which ours will - we will still end up paying more. ie 50% NCB means that if our premium rises by £500+ (which is likely) we are still paying £250+ more a year for our insurance)

We have to pay the excess on any claim.

Even the calls to the insurance company from the roadside (we had to call them to get our poor dead car towed) cost me £15 + 'cos it was an 0845 number.

Looks like we are going to be living with bare floors and windows at our new place by the look of it All my savings will be going on this.

I feel useless and unable to help. I can only drive an automatic these days - not that I drive mutch now anyway - but the only hire cars available were stick shift so only Dai can drive it. He is really shaken because of the accident and is having a real crisis of confidence about driving so I am having to be the strong one and I am walking on eggshells with him.

Sorry for the rant people but not something that I can really vent about at home.

That really is a bad to worse story I am so sorry and yes I appreciate its best not to rant at home about it.

I guess the OH is still in shock about what might of been which is understandable,but might be a blessing that he will have to drive the courtesy car or he may start freaking about driving full stop which in the long run will be even worse for you both.

Not a nice way to start your life in your new home but there is the blessing that you are both still here to make the move.