Insulting replies

Having read the post ‘Needing Some Support’ I empathise with the poster and hope that things improve very quickly. However I think some of the replies are extremely judgemental and ill-informed and downright insulting to the husband of the original poster. To belittle someone and portray him as some sort of bully when so little is known about him is naive and wrong and helps no one. If someone wants support on matters to do with m.s. - work, medicines, exercise etc I will give my support becasue I know what I’m talking about. And to give support in personal matters is right, but only if we know both sides of the story.

Erm did you read the right post? So you dont feel that him saying im totally useless now and he would smack me ISNT bullying? I feel one of your posts was actually very unsympathetic and not supportive. SO if im not offended or upset and didnt feel that my husband was being downright insulted. Then to be honest it shouldnt bother you!!l only wanted general support and to know I could express myself as at that moment there wwasn’t anyone else I could talk to Kate

He threatened to have her sectioned and then became verbally abusive. Do you really think that this is the sort of behaviour that should be condoned or supported by you?

The poster has MS. This is her place to be able to discuss her problems and get some help and understanding. Her husband doesn’t have MS, but may be depressed. He needs help, but not here. This place is for those with MS, not those who are abusing them.

I have to agree with Anon. I for one will always answer desperate posts crying out for help, even if it is just a shoulder to cry on or a friendly ear to listen. Afterall, that is what we are all here to do, support eachother through the bad times and laugh our way through the better times.


Thank you Anon and Shazzie!!!

Kate x x

Here here and if you notice Kate has said this is out of the ordinary and does suspect it’s linked to not dealing with the m.s however hus behaviour is not acceptable. Getting angry is one thing but to threaten physically and emotionally is another. Kate has not openly come on to slate her husband but for support from us as this has shocked her. And to be told she’s non understanding of her husband is not what she needs to hear. I hope things have improved Kate. Xxxxx

Thank Lisa!!!

Things have improved and we are just trying to find out what caused it apart from being in alot of pain!!! It was soo out of character of him!!!


Hi Kate

The main thing is that it is out of character.

Hope you find your way through this together

Anne x

Aah good to hear. Bet he shocked himself too. Best of luck hun. At the end of the day the diagnosis affects everyone involved and those who love the person that was diagnosed. Hope things Improve. Maybe a date night or day would be a good idea? Xxx