Hello, there was a post several weeks ago from someone caring for her husband and saying that he had been continually rude / sarcastic to family which was pushing them away. I have been waiting weeks for the website to allow new numbers to be set up, and finally today it has happened. If that lady is still around, please send me a post , I fully understand what you mean and what you are going through and would love to chat

Rude, abusive, demanding, innapropriate, vulgar, foul mouthed and even racist remarks with family friends and just about anyone in front of anyone at any time. I think that just about sums up how my wife can be sometimes bless her it can be very embarrassing, sometimes amusing and other times i just want to cringe and hide :oops: . This definately does lead to isolation from friends and family not just because its pushing them away but alot of it is to do with not wanting to go around peoples and subject them to it and there is no way of knowing when or if it will strike it just needs something said at the wrong moment which starts it off its then time to leave, at home i can deal/cope with it so prefer to stay at home rather than go visiting. So I know exactly what this is about and how other carers/partners must feel when it happens im not immune from it either in fact i probably bear the brunt of it good job im thick skinned but it does get you down after a while.