Inspector george gently

Hi everyone i was just reading next weeks telly paper as my life is so exciting and was reading the write up of the new series of George gently with martin shaw he was my big heartthrob when i was a kid the professionals were the big thing on telly then and Doyle was my favourite i was in the fan club and everything , anyway the new series has him suffering from MS symptoms ,it might be interesting to see how it was dealt with back in the sixties , but it will be upsetting to see my heartthrob going through it he still makes my heart flutter a little faster .

Nice weekend all . Katy.

Oh no… really? Love that series. Been looking forward to it starting again.

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The bloke must be 70 by now and a bit old to be playing a copper, so my money is on it being Alzheimer’s.

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Hi Katy,only 2 more sleeps now!

is it on wednesday?

thats right…u too eh

Hi all just finished watching Vera love that series too my mum and dad were from up that way and it always reminds me of holidays as a kid up at seahouses. Take care . Katy

Random question:- do you need to watch this programme from the first series or can you just start watching this series as it is?

i just watched it once i heard about him having ms.

dead easy to pick up.

enjoy xxx

I’ve watched I half a dozen times over the years it doesn’t make any difference, the only continuing story I know about is the sargeant used to be married…I think. I have no idea if George has a deep and murky past.

Jan x

George is widowed. His wife was killed in a traffic accident, which I think he witnessed. I can’t remember whether it was a genuine accident, or a targeted attack, relating to his work as a police officer. I suspect the latter, as it wouldn’t have made much of a story otherwise - basically his career has come at high personal cost.



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Thanks Tina.

Jan x