Remember George Gently?

Hi gang, you might remember in the last series of George Gently he was diagnosed with MS. A new series starts tomorrow night (Sunday) and apparently the last series.

Shame it’s the last one as I think it’s one of the better cop shows.

It’s 8.30 on BBC 1.

Hope all are doing well?

Me and Dickie are good. My walking continues to improve with Biotin. Haven’t tried walking outside yet but honestly I am almost walking normally. Unfortunately fatigue is still a problem so still having to have ‘rest days’. Hey ho…

Love to all,

Pat xx


Good luck with the Biotin trial Pat. Getting fresh air & walking outside is what we all need to achieve. The fatigue is the beast. The energy sapping, stroke type feeling of a traffic jam in the nervous system. Stay calm & enjoy the GG series. The reality of MS is far more severe than the acting. There’s plenty of people acting out PPMS near me. If someone wants a day of work, it must be PPMS. A day later, they are running a marathon. That’s the sickening part.


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Hi Pat

Glad to hear you and Dickie are both ok and the biotin is having a good effect, long may it continue.

My hubby, me and Alfie have just returned from a few days at the seaside, combination of sunshine and rain, but a very enjoyable change of scenery, and the sea air was wonderful.

I shall record GG to watch later, as we have been following Grantchester, thanks for reminding me it starts tomorrow.

Pam x

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Unfortunately I missed it Pat, will watch on Iplayer!

So pleased about your walking,

Take Care,

Love to you and to Dickie,

Nina x