Inpatient physio

Has anyone ever been admitted to hospital for intensive physio? I’ve seen my neuro today who has suggested spending a week or two in hospital to have this.

It seems a better idea than the 30/45 minute session once a week for 6 weeks and then being left to your own devices.

Just wondered if anyone had experienced this.


it sounds excellent.

hope it works wonders for you.

carole x

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Sounds brilliant. Enjoy and I hope it makes a real difference.

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Where I live there’s a neurological rehab unit where sometimes people with MS are admitted for physio, OT, other types of therapy. Generally people have a daily session of each therapy, Monday to Friday. At the weekends it’s possible to use the physio gym, or sometimes people go home.

I was there for a couple of months 6 years ago following a very nasty relapse. It means having physio every day and OT as well, which is also really helpful. I went back for 2 weeks last year following an operation for more rehab and am hoping to squeeze in again after another op this summer. It’s not always possible because it’s such a small unit (12 beds I think).

Hopefully your inpatient rehab will be as good as the unit I go to. The staff are brilliant and the facility is great.


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