Medical rehab unit :(

So my next appointment with my neurologist is medical rehab unit and I’m scared, usually I go neurology department now letter came through I’m terrified that I am about to be admitted, but it sounds like it’s a place to learn to walk again and I can walk just stiffness proves hard.

Anyone ever been that can put my mind at rest :frowning:

Marie x

Sorry Marie, we don’t have a rehab unit where I live but you could be right, it could have a physio and / or OT who might be able to assess and help you. I hope that’s the case.

Cath x

I have had two visits to the Rehab Unit and they have fantastic facilities physiotherapists OT’S AND so much gear to help. I doubt it is to be addmitted as getting in our local one is as rare as hens teeth but well worth it if you get the offer.


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Is all I could find out about it.

I see a neurological rehabilitation consultant and he is amazing, maybe it’s that?

We discuss fatigue management, what meds I’m on etc. and it was him that referred me to a London based neurologist for a few things. Try to keep an open mind, might not be a bad thing at all

Sonia xx

Hi Marie,

I go to our rehab unit for physio. If its the same as the one I go to, the first time you go it will take about 2 hours because they access your needs. Our one has a physio. OT, someone to see if your are claiming the right benefits and a dietician. Each one will access you and they take it from there.

Please don’t be scared because they are there to help you.

Mags xx

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I think it’s to help with my mobility same neurologist just his team at rehab rather then seeing him in neurology department I am in bad shape and appointment is like 2pm so I guess it’s needed if it makes me better I had a OT and physio visit my home but I was discharged from physio.

Marie dont be scared they are fan bloomin tastic at my local one at Canterbury realy nice. The physio at Canterbury had a Horse Called Daisey, she was leaving and taking up a post in Nottingham I think. Her horse was brown and white like a cow so got the name daisey.


Not as worried thanks to you lovely people, I think I will be admitted though it’s an actual ward in my hospital it’s quite a big hospital in my town it’s nice there I guess I’ll find out in 2 weeks…

Thank you so much x

Marie x