List for neuro

Hi Guys

Ive been referred to a new hospital neurology, I’m making a daily list of how I feel, or is that to much, really feel things have got worse over the last year

Hi Mac, I’d also make a note of any questions you have.

Hope it goes ok

Sonia x

No I think it is a good idea. I did it for a while and it is interesting to see any patterns emerging. May I also suggest someone goes into the rom with you. ? Ask them to take notes. I always find I forget something that has been said Let us know how it goes? Best of Luck. Anne X

Hi Mac. Lists are really useful, my Neuro requests that we write them prior to all of our appointments to make sure that by the time we leave he knows he’s answered all of our questions and has a full list of whatever symptoms we’re experiencing. You’re doing the right thing. As Sonia mentioned, any questions should also be written down. If you feel you’d benefit from another service eg Neuro physiotherapist etc, mention these too as they’re the best people to get you the best help.

Good luck, I hope the team you’re being referred to are people you can trust, rely on and be comfortable with. Having a good team takes a lot of stress away from you. Make sure you get referred to an ms nurse and get his/her contact details as they can be a huge help.

Please let us know how you get on.

Cath x

Good luck Mac, yes write it all down, and have someone with you, its easy not to remember everything that is said, a second pair of ears really helps.

Let us know how you get on.

Pam x