Injection advice .... Rebif

Hi, I’m on rebif 44. Since I’ve gone up a dose I feel it hurts more. I’m using the ice pack but it still stings. That was making a difference. Please can anyone advice on tips for helping with this and also whether changing the comfort settings will make a difference? Thanks in advance guys x

Hi, I’ve exactly the same problem, I’ve now been on 44 for a few weeks and I now find the injections really painful, stinging and actual pain. I have followed Pens advice by putting the ice pack on beforehand and it helps slightly sometimes but it’s a bit hit and miss. I’ve now got to the stage where I dread the injections which I never thought I would. I’ve tried changing the comfort settings to no avail but I’m going to try something different tonight. When I was on Copaxone I was trained to make a slight indentation with the autoject onto the skin and the injections were painless. With Rebif I just sit the rebismart flush with the skin and don’t press in at all, I’m going to change that tonight so I press it in slightly and just hope that it doesn’t feel so painful. If you haven’t changed the comfort settings before I would try to do that first, you may find the ideal setting for you. A lot of people set the needle speed to fast and the injection speed to slow and they find that doesn’t hurt so much. Everyone’s different. I do hope that you will find the jabs less painful in time. Take care.

I just grit my teeth, it doesn’t last long I find. Rebif is pretty acidic I think so will sting. Comfort settings I have are (I think) fast needle speed and 10 seconds. Doesn’t stop the stinging but bruising is reduced to red patches so that is better.

Do you keep it in the fridge? If so bring it out of the fridge for about an hour before you inject,I used to find it hurt more if it was too cold!


I find mine only sting on my thighs and only when the needle is piercing the skin. I also just grit my teeth and get on with it. it’s a small price to pay for having no relapses for 3.5 years :-). I have also set the needle speed to fast and the injection time to slow (although off the top of my head I cannot remember how long!). It also helps to relax as much as possible, if I’m tense it stings more. A few deep breaths and pretty thoughts as I press the button …


Hi guys. Thanks. I keep the med out the fridge. Weirdly I used to press in as I was injecting and I don’t remember it hurting as much but it did bruise. It’s a small price to pay to be relapse free but Fudgey I know what you mean…I don’t dread the jab as such but hate the pain of the last few I’ve done. I didn’t feel anything really on my first few or nothing that would make me think ouch but the last two in particular have hurt :frowning: I think I will have a play with the comfort settings and see if it makes a difference too. Fudgey did you find it any different pressing in? X

Hi Lisa,

My last couple have hurt too, and as you know, I haven’t got to full dose yet.

Wednesday’s felt like an electric shock going down my leg, so perhaps the needle hit something, and today’s, well todays just plain HURT!

I’m not sure if my hand didn’t jerk a bit as the needle went in so probably my own fault. Mind you I’ve dropped so many things in the last few days I’m blaming the MS!

Yeah mine just plain hurt…it seems for me to be since going up to full dose too… Bizarre. I’d blame my clumsiness upon m.s but I’ve been clumsy all my life so not sure people would believe me :wink: although I am more clumsy now I think so it must play a part. How are you doing with it…have you felt okay since I last spoke to you Sue? X

Hi, I had to do my stomach Tuesday night and I did press it in and it didn’t hurt BUT I do have a good deal of extra fat there so I’m thinking maybe that helped. The test will come on Sunday ( I have to do stomach again Thursday ) when I have to do a different area. I would say my arms and legs hurt the most then the hips a close second. It’s difficult to get the right amount of pressure on the skin, I think if I press it in too much then it will go in too deep but it definitely hurts if I’m just flush with my skin so I’ll try to go for slight pressure, maybe 3/4mm. I’ll let you know how it goes for the Sunday one.

Hi, I was on Rebif for 6 months & am now on copaxone. Rebif jab was worse, but Copaxone after pain is horrid for a very long time. I discovered that the actual jab pain is less the deeper you go. My nurse told me this, but I didn’t really think it was logical. However, for me it is true. I had the Rebinject, or manually injected, and made sure it was the max depth I could do. I am very slim and am on the deepest setting for Copaxone & was for Rebif. Oddly the area of most fat (stomach) is the worst, most reactive area for me. Again, seems to defy logic. The other thing that helped with the Rebif was putting a hot water bottle on the site immediately post injection. The cold pack never helped me. Hope it gets better for you. Dreading the injections is horrible. Anne

Hi Lisa,

Yep, I’ve been ok. Thanks for asking. Suffered from heartburn for about a week after restarting the jabs but that seems to have stopped now thankfully.

How about you, other than painful jabs?

Hi I am managing fine. Not been taking painkillers either :slight_smile: did my jab just now and changed the comfort setting to speed fast as said above and pressed in. It did hurt less but stung a bit after still. I can’t decide whether he cold pack makes it sting more. Suppose its a case of trial and error … At the end of the day I don’t think it’ll ever be pain free but if it does the job I can cope xx

Oh and thanks everyone xxx can always rely on you all :slight_smile: xxxx