starting rebif.

Hey, I start my treatment of rebif this week & of course I wanna know everything about it as I’m so worried! Maybe personal stories of how people got on & what I might need to expect? I’m obviously worried about how much it’s going to hurt & everything as well. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

Dont worry you will soon get into a routine with the injections. I have one of the fancy electronic machines which is as far removed from looking like an injection as you can get. What you need to do is rotate the injections around your body, legs, tummy, back and arms. There isnt much by way of pain when you inject in fatty tissue although personally I am not too keen on the arms (underneath the arm), that to me is a bit uncomfortable. I didnt really notice any side effects when I started taking the Rebiff but I suppose everyone is different and your MS nurse will be abale to provode more information on any potential side effects. All in all there isnt anything to worry yourself about, the biggest isssue is the psychological one that you are “taking an injection” and that it must be painful, when in reality it isnt.

Good Luck


I’ve been on Rebif since January and its fine. Honestly . Injections sometimes hurt a bit but over in a flash. I dont feel ill on it at all. I have a few red marks (injection sites) to show for it but these fade. I get aches and pains about two hours after an injection but taking a couple of paracetomol at the time prevents this. I use the rebidose and it take up a lot of room up in the fridge! The main drawback for me is making sure someone is in for the delivery as chemists wont hold it for you.