Avonex to Rebif 44

Avonex worked well for me when I first started it, however, I stopped it for just over a year (personal reasons) and then re-started it in April 2011. This time it has not had anywhere close to the previous (positive) effects it gave me! I have just had results of a blood test to see if I’d developed antibodies to Avonex which (surprisingly) I haven’t. After meeting with my neurologist yesterday, I am now going to start Rebif 44. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this with Avonex?? Also, regarding Rebif 44, opinions whether the rebismart makes the process easier or just take longer? I have no issue with needles or manually injecting but just wondered if bruising may be less with the rebismart?

A lot of questions I know and thanks in advance,
Hayley xxx :o)

Sorry can't comment on Avonex but I have used the rebismart and it was fine to use. Easy to load the cartridge and do the actual injection. I got red marks on my skin 24-48 hours after injecting. These fade gradually and I only used to inject in thighs,tummy and bum. I found injecting my arms too painful. You get sent a heat pad and cool bag with ice packs when you start,plus batteries for the rebismart. Hope it all goes well for you. I am having a break from rebif for a few weeks as side effects(headaches,flu) getting abit too much for me-so I may be changing to copaxone.


Thanks for your reply Cathy.
I was offered copaxone as an alternative to avonex but figured interferon beta 1a worked for me before so thought I’d better give the stronger Rebif 44 a chance. Otherwise, I’ll be giving copaxone a try.
Good luck to you too, whatever you decide, and thanks again xxx