Hi peeps, I’ve been on a tritating dose to get to the full 44ml or whatever the measurement is and this week really has hit with muscle ache. It’s that bad I can’t sleep then I cant get up, then rushing to get to work, which only ever makes things worse. I also have my 2yr old in the morning and I’m not able to give him the attention I should be. He ends up watching Mickey mouse’s club house all morning which can’t be good for him. Before I started the injections I didn’t have this, but following my last major relapse in 2011 I walk with a stick. I can’t afford to get any worse so don’t see any alternative. I was on Copaxone but no longer qualify due to my leg. Any suggestions for coping better would be gratefully received. Thanks, Pete.

I was the same when I started and it was when I was on 22 the side effects really hit. I have been on full dose 44 for about a month now and I am noticing the side effects are slowly going away. I don’t feel half as bad as I did when I first started, if Im having a bad day ready the side effects have more effect on me bt all I can say is keep going as it does lessen and get better. Although if u could tell me how to lessen the sting from the rebismart needle I would be grateful as this puts me off taking the injection more than my side effects. Steph

Try injecting in the morning and use your full allowance of paracetamol and ibuprofen (up to 2 of each every 4 hours, max 8 a day of each)?

Works for me!

Karen x

Hi Karen, I already do both, I tried night time as well but that was worse. Must admit after this mornings injection didn’t feel half as bad. As for stinging Steph, I haven’t had this at all, but think that might be due the fact I had really bad stinging from Copaxone, rebif might have less of the preservative in it? Sorry I couldn’t help, Pete x.