inflammed toes???

hi all

this is a strange one! i have contacted gp-am sure he will phone later.

all my toes are inflammed. hot red swollen. they look the same but as many members are aware i have no/little feeling in all of right side.

no way can get socks on.

i have had (and still do) similar probs with inflammation in my ears for which i use betnovate cream with efffect.

has anyone else had such issues with their toes? anything that eased them?

i was meant to be a at a local support group this morning-no chance! its raining and cant cover my feet!

oh well, to plan b instead! (not sure what that entails yet…prob rest and jk!)



am sat here in agony but managed a laugh! imagining trying to do headstand!

i am going to get clothes on-thats a start…

thanks jen, ellie x

Hi elle nooo thats sounds awful why did you guys say headstands my damn brain is running it over in my head now so as i try to type this may not make sense lol when welly boots yes welly boots used to rub during summer months i always swore by salty water in a bowl at home sit there playing me guitar with me feet in a bowl i must of looked like a hillbilly on his back porch all i needed was the rocking chair , but defo worth a go mine ease it a bit for you hope it does and you get some relief soon elle x

respect sean


Blimey that sounds awful. Have you tried antiinflammatory tablets or cream? I don’t know what else to suggest but I really hope you get better soon xx Julie xx

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hiya again

put cream on that i use for my ears! i can see my fingers being affected now too… strange!

sean i said handstands cos then my feet would be above heart…

jen-my mum suggested exactly the same!

i am also aware i could try my own version of ‘ice therapy’ (thats supposed to confuse messages further and maybe get some relief. however am here on own-no carer today so maybe feet stuck under cold shower will do? will give cream a chance to work first…

plan b in progress…cream, rest and tv

plan c will be shower thing (with phone round my neck as always just incase it goes wrong!)

thanks all (just having a bad day-it will pass)

ellie x

Hi ellie

It’s hard to say really without seeing them. Is it something you’ve had before? It sounds like cellulitis…doc or nurse needs to see them.

I hope it get’s sorted soon.


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hi noreen

no-not had on toes before. have made gp aware-he will call back today. like u was a staff nurse but i know theres nothing worse than self diagnosing! had same gp for over 20yrs so we know each other quite well.

on this occasion i think its def ms related but am willing to be told different…

ellie x

Hi Ellie

Sounds like an infection to me. I recently had cellulitis (bacterial infection) in my foot which was hot, red and swollen, My gp marked the edge of the redness and sure enough it was spreading. Antibiotics cleared it but at the time I was very concerned it may cause another relapse - luckily it didn’t but any infection is bad news!

Make sure you see your gp today.

Good luck.

Emma x


Hi Ellie

It could just be chill blains. My toes get red and inflamed with them and often at this time of year when I’ve still been bare foot without realising that it’s cooler than I think (especially when my toes are often numb so can’t tell they are cold). Then when they do warm up they itch and burn so that’s even worse. I have to be really careful to not let them get cold in the first place.

Things have improved since I started on Gilenya because I feel the cold more now so I realise when the evenings are chilly and wrap up warmer including putting socks on.

Hope your little pigs feel better soon and hope the doctor/nurse can give you some answers

Tracey x

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I agree with Tracey it sounds like chilblains to me too. Although I only get chilblains in the winter. If you google you will find a full explanation of the cause. Something like the blood leaving the extremes to keep vital organs going when you’re cold then when you are warm blood rushes back to toes, fingers, ears etc causing the veins to burst which in turn causes the itching etc.

I use a cream called Balmosa it helps a little but the best thing is not to get cold in the first place.

Hope they clear up soon it’s an absolute nightmare when they itch.

Jan x

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spoke with gp. i have had chilblains before-i know its not that.

gp said re different blood systems-cant remember the name. superficial circulation is struggling-i have known this for a while but deeper circulation still coping. (i found this out via dopler scan like baby one)

we discussed the ice therapy (not recognised yet in this country but i know folk abroad that have tried it)

my daughter helped me with the ice tonight! have to continue with steroid cream on toes.

yet again i have something rare to add to my list-permanent speech issues, whole of side weakness blah blah blah, just as well have learnt to expect the unexpected with this ms malarkey!

i am still in pain as i write this but toes not as bright red so maybe my diy ice therapy is working? and the cream…

will let folk know when it settles. thank you for your replies today.


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todays update…

done the coldwater/icecube treatment followed by applying betnovate twice today-will do again before bed time.

inflammation reducing as is the redness. carer arrived this morning as decided it wasnt chilblains as my toes werent shiny (good point!)

my ms tends to be very intense very quickly and then my body tries to recover-this has been the same. yest was awful in so many ways! but today its still painful to place feet on floor (carer has pushed me in manual chair cos weight bearing is just too sore)

i am hoping that should anyone else experience similar then reading my version of events on here will help them. it is unusual but not impossible to have such pain in/on your toes and it is ms related (not everything is!)

thanks again all for support in recent hours… ellie

Hi ya Ellie

​I was just browsing and saw your post, I haven’t had problems like that. It must be another mystery that, like you said, MS throws at us. I wish you a great weekend and an easier time with your feet. I’m just off to tackle the problem of trying to fit my leg bag on, discreetly.



I am replying to my own old thread in hope that sar01 sees it!


found this old thread of mine!

whats changed in 4 years?!

tysabri was stopped nearly 4 months ago-got secondary label now.

since before christmas my ears have been red and inflammed-betnovate just takes the edge off it. all 10 toes are bright red and ‘fiery’ which is a first as its usually only the right foot. got gp appt for next week to discuss any new suggestions. i havent done the ice cube treatment as i can no longer manage that on my own-have carer 2moro so will try icecubes again-it did help with the pain for half an hour or so previously.

circulation is so poor on right side i need to keep it warm but the heat makes pain/redness worse! no blooming easy answers with this ms malarkey!

am aware that amytriptyline is in the cabinet for when medication is needed. i think that will be soon-i am lucky that i am able to use that short term (with dr’s being aware) with effect but i need to be ready to cope with any side effects!

hope your toes are good and are unaffected by inflammation/ms!


Hi Ellie,

Sorry you’re still getting these symptoms. I thought chilblaines as I get them on toes and sometimes fingers, red and itchy.

I take nifedipine for circulation, reynaud’s , have you tried that?

Ask your Dr.

Keep warm.


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hiya jen

had raynauds for years-long before ms. the ms intensifies it (only my opinion-nowt official!)

have taken nifedipine-but it dilates everything, not just the bits u want. so i had red face and my skin tender (have hypersensitivity all over) i have had doppler scan done on feet since diagnosis-theres 2 levels of circulation apparently. the deeper one is fine-its the one nearer the surface that messages arent getting to. my right hand when cold looks dead and i cant move it. roll on the summer?!

ach-it may need to be low dose amytrip for a few weeks…

ta for reply and suggestion, ellie

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am going to take that word to gp when he looks at my toes/feet and ears next week.

carer helped me with the ‘ice therapy’ today so i had half an hour pain free. first time that carer had saw it and couldnt believe what i wanted! she found it hard to understand that when i say that i cant feel anything on right side i mean it! (have had glass in that foot and didnt know til i saw the blood!)

will let u know how i get on next week, thanks again.


I also thought chilblains which I only get on my toes, I use a cream called Balmosa for mine Amazon sell it. Separate from chilblains I get burning feet on an evening and my toes swell, it helps to keep cool/cold before going to bed I then hope to get to sleep before getting too warm. It always amazes me that come the morning when I wake up all warm and cosy my feet and toes are ok. Jan x Ha I’ve just noticed I posted in 2014 about chilblains!!