feet like flippers

Hello lovely people

Might be an odd question, but does anyone suffer with swollen feet and hands? My feet are so swollen that I can’t walk properly, and end up walking like a penguin wobbling from side to side. My fingers look like bunches of sausages! (Ooh don’t I sound attractive!)

It could just be the heat I suppose, but it’s never happened before. Maybe I’m morphing into a giant blimp, would raise awareness of ms if I was floating in the sky!

Think the heats got to me I’m starting to talk gibberish!

Freckles xxx

Sounds like fluid retention to me. I’ve only had it when pregnant but think I remember being told to drink lots as your body tries to retain fluids when it’s not getting enough. 2 litres of water a day…?

Ooh, Freckles, if you’ve got heat where you are I’ll gladly swap! :wink:

It’s quite chilly in Norfolk at the moment. The sun has disappeared and it’s cloudy and breezy. I’m trying to persevere in summer clothes but I’ve had to resort to linen trousers today as it’s too cold for a skirt.

Hope you don’t swell too much. You’ll look like that girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lol (except for being purple!). You could leave the car at home and roll to work …

Tracey xx