hey, not been around for a while I haven’t been too well I couldn’t move in March so ambulance took me to hospital, I was admitted to urology ward spent a week there, then my neuro moved me to neurology ward spent 2 weeks there, then I was moved to rehabilitation where it teaches independent living.

Spent 3 weeks there being youngest in there but my mobility got a little better but I am still having falls the water infection made my mobility bad I was using one stick around the home but now I can’t walk without them, legs so stiff and weak.

trying to diet so any advice me great, I am on Pregabalin (300mg) tizanadine (4mg) I just want mobility to improve, Ms nurse has ordered me a wheelchair waiting for it due to mobility I’m struggling to get to appointments bloody walking is bad damn infection, in good news finally got an adapted property, walking shower downstairs room toilet everything I need.

thanks for advice x

Marie x

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Hi Marie

Oh you have been through the wars, hoping things will now start to improve for you ((((hugs))))

Unfortunately, having an infection really does have an adverse effect on MS, and can take some time to feel better, so hang in there (easier said than done) but it will improve.

Good news about now having an adapted property, I am sure you will find that beneficial, try to rest as much as you can.

I am sure someone will offer advice as to diet, the only thing I do is try to eat healthy food, but that doesn’t always work, I like chocolate too much!

Take care

Pam x

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Good news re the new property - that will make life easier. Now when l took Tizanidine and Pregabalin they made me so weak and feeble - l could not stand up- let alone walk and terrible brain fog. [Baclofen was even worse].

Now l take LDN [6yrs] - and feel much more positive and clearer in my head. The last 6weeks l have been following the Biotin B7 trial and taking B7 - l joined the facebook group called Biotin for Progressive MS. And within two weeks of taking it l have more energy and strength. So looking forward to more improvements. Absolutely no side effects with this - so thats good. Quite a lot of people on this forum are also following the trial. lts a water-soluble vit - so taking it in a high dose using the pure powder - is very safe. MedDay in France have done this trial and the results are from phase 3.

Marie that’s excellent news about the property, really pleased for you. As the others have said, infections are terrible for our symptoms but I hope you feel better soon. I’m on Gabapentin which is similar to Pregablin and I’ve heard many people complain about how they increase your appetite, sadly that’s the case with me too, but I’d rather be a bit heavy than struggle like I did before and stop taking them. You win some and you lose some unfortunately.

Cath x

Thanks walking is bad but bladder is even worse and my mum is against ldn so stopped taking it, wouldn’t be against it if neuro gave it me, I’ve had more back pain since being home I’m on 300mg daily Ms nurses agreed with neuro to increase it but don’t want more weakness as I’m weak enough thanks to infection.

thanks for advice all xx

Hi Marie have you tried Cranberry juice and Apple cider vinegar “Mother” look for it on Amazon,I found both extremely good haven’t had any UTI since drinking both, small glass cranberry 1 tbs Apple cider vinegar in warm water both with food 3 times a day, got to be worth a try. All the best Amazon lady

Even my nurse referred to a ‘pseudo relapse’ when I had a water infection, nasty things and so sorry to hear you were admitted.

Hope you’re on the mend now. I’ve taken cranberry supplements too and I’ve also found D.Mannose to be ok (I buy on Amazon so cheap too).

Actually, from Amazon I also bought dip-sticks so it was quite good when I spoke to Dr on phone “I have xxx and trace protein…” he checked my symptoms and left me a script. It gave me some peace of mind checking that I was all clear when finishing my pills too.

Take care

Sonia x

Hello Marie,

Sorry to hear you’ve had such an awful time, I’m so pleased thing have worked out for you with your house…I’d missed seeing you on the forum, I hope it all goes well for you now.

Michelle x

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I didn’t have any signs the bladder nurse warned me about symptoms but I had nothing just a decrease in mobility, bladder isn’t good got worse but I see my neurologist on 22nd but he did come see me twice when in hospital.

Will also see my Ms nurse then too, not sure I like cranberry juice but may go for tablets, but I am falling to sleep all time I get 8 hrs a day just so tired so will ask for something for fatique infection just made it worse.

Thanks xx