How to get better?

Hi folks What’s going on with this site, if I don’t pay attention there’s nothing going on here! How to get better? I’ve had one infection after another for the past 2 months, in the old days you’d say ‘I was run down’ SO how to get better? Yes, I have a well balanced diet? I’m also p**sed off. Many thanks for any advice. Take care, M

How to get better? you mean from everyday feelings of various symptoms, or from PPMS? I guess I already know the answer, cos we cant get better from MS, can we? I suppose many folk will offer you many replies. maybe eat a healthy diet, get enough rest, don`t over tax yourself. Keep warm in the cold and cool in the heat. What else? Oh yeh, try to laugh every day! luv Pollx

Hi Hellms So sorry to hear about the problems you are having re infections :slight_smile: I toom have had a lot of problems with infections for most of this year and have had many anti-biotics, but to no avail as they just keep comiong back again. At the start of this week my doctor was at a loss as to what to do next for me, as it has reappeared yet again. He has now suggested that I rest and do very little this week to see what happens, and to give my body a chance to heal itself - give mother nature a chance to do her work naturally. At my visit to the doctor this morning, we were both surprised that there seems to be some improvement and the infection seems to be drying up - so I am very hopeful !!! that rest and cossetting will work. Re PPMS - I regard it a beast :evil: , which I regularly swear and curse at, which then makes me laugh as I feel I am putting it in its place and I am in charge, and I feel more positive and ready to face the world. :lol: :lol: love Patsy x

Cheers folks My favourite Pharmacist (we’ve got to know each other very well over the past 4 years) suggested some multi vitamins for a while,watch this space! Oh! and rest… I can cope with the Progressice MS - did I actually write that BUT no more please. Have a good weekend and take care, M

Dear Jane This is the place to be to ‘chat’ with like minded souls who know what you are going through. We have no choice but to get on with it, sheer bloody mindedness works for me AND the determination not to let this ****ing disease get me. We/I sometimes just waffle and moan here so welcome. Take care, M