indoor skydiving, good or bad idea?



Ive not long ago been given an indoor skydive experience for my birthday and am wondering if this is a good or bad idea??? i really want to give it a go but have a friend thats concerned i may do myself damage. I cant see why its a problem and is causing a bit of tension.


Your thoughts or experiences would be appreciates and a great help


Many thanks for your time


sounds fun,if u think ur capable of doing it,go for it,I dont think the health and saftey would pass the company if it was dangerous,GO FOR IT IMO :)

Definitely go for it - on The One Show tonight there was a story about a man who has a degenerative disease, and he's got a list of things he wants to do before he's 50.  He was skydiving in one of those big tubes with a fan at the bottom, looked perfectly safe, he was all kitted out in the gear and there was somebody in with him, making sure he didn't smack off the side.

Have fun!

Luisa x

It’s my idea of hell, but in fairness, it would have been before I got ill, as well.

I suppose it depends how profoundly your MS affects you. I’m thinking that, for safety reasons, you could’t be too disabled, because you would need enough strength and coordination to learn how to fall properly. Also I think there’s a slightly increased risk of brittle bones with MS, which could mean you’d be more likely to break something if you DID have an awkward landing.

It might be wise to check with the organisation first, to see what they think. Would their insurance cover you?



This is my second attempt at posting a reply. I did a proper tandem skydive just over a year ago and absolutely loved it, it's one of the best things I ever did (the video's here - I use a wheelchair and didn't suffer any consequences from doing it. I needed to get a medical consent form signed by my doctor so have a check with the company that does it to see if they need one, but other than that I say go for it!


I think you should go for it if you feel up to it, have a look on youtube, lots of videos there, they give you  a good induction before you do it, all the gear you need and an instructor will be in with you to keep you orientated and make sure you are OK, ie make sure you don't go shooting up to the top! the problem (if it is one at all) is going up, not falling down to the ground! When we went in Orlando, they used a board with wheels on (that you lie on, bit like a lsrge skateboard) to practice turning, takes min 30 mins instruction before you get in the tube.

Hi Sam,

Life is for living, go for it.

If the place is run properly I can't see the harm but fun to be had.


Mel xx

thank u all for your thoughts and encouragement, was just made to feel wary by my friend who thinks i may injure myself. im not too stable on my feet but i agree life is for living why do i have to take a back seat because i have ms.


a really greatful sam xxxxxxxxxxxx



I have friends who would like to wrap me in cotton wool and confine me "for my own good" too.  I (nicely, but firmly) tell them how likely that is going to be and just get on with what I'm going to do anyway.  You've got to stand up for yourself, otherwise friends, who mean well, will take over and you won't be allowed to do anything!  I don't think a little (or a lot) instability  on your feet will be an issue - the guy I saw on The One Show was using a wheelchair, and once you're in the tube, you're not going to be standing or walking much - if you are, I'd ask for a refund!

Have fun,

Luisa x